☕ Police officer turned caffeine dealer + Work it up 🛍️

Happy Thursday everyone! Merichelle Norwood here to fill your inbox today with the best stories from the Valley of the Sun.

  • ☕ Policeman turned caffeine dealer, the story of the founder of Zona Coffee Company.
  • 🛍️ Shop your thrift stores at these top 10 thrift stores.
  • 🎉 Is the party over? Some party houses face complaints from neighbors.

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Here are the top stories in Phoenix today:

1) Whether it’s smashing bad guys or smashing an espresso, a former Phoenix police officer trades in his badge to start a coffee business. Leaving law enforcement behind, a former officer inspired by the people and places of Arizona founded the Zona Coffee Company.

12news.com KPNX

2) Tired of thrift stores at Goodwill and Savers? Check out this list of the top 10 thrift stores in Metro Phoenix. Spoiler alert: Antique Sugar, Retro Ranch, and Rocket A Go-Go are all on the list.

The Arizona Republic

3) Homelessness is rampant in the “Zone” on Jefferson St. in downtown Phoenix, and nearby residents are suing the city. Residents are calling on the city to act after years of “completely abdicating responsibility”. This trial could mean the displacement of the entire camp.

Phoenix New Times

4) Rental party houses pop up around Super Bowl time, and residents aren’t happy. One particular Airbnb called “Serenity Scottsdale” is pushing neighborhood groups like “Neighbors not Nightmares” to tackle this perceived growing problem in the Valley.

FOX 10 Phoenix News

5) Phoenix Police’s “Operation Gun Crime Crackdown” finds success a month after its launch. More than 500 people were arrested and hundreds of firearms seized. “This app is not about removing guns from law-abiding citizens. It’s about getting guns out of the hands of criminals and those who aren’t supposed to have them,” police said.

FOX 10 Phoenix News

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Photo: Downtown Phoenix Inc.

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