1.2 million fine to Booking for breach of the Paris tourism code

Paris, Oct 18 (EFE) .- Booking was sentenced on Monday to a fine of 1,234 million euros for breach of the tourism code that Paris requires of this type of online accommodation reservation platforms to control that a private landlord does not rent your property beyond authorized 120 days.

The Paris court ruled that the Dutch company had disregarded the provisions of this code by not transmitting certain information to the mayor of the French capital, in particular the number of days of renting a furnished tourist accommodation.

The city council’s complaint was presented last January, when the local administration argued that it had not received the requested information within the deadline, and demanded more than 150 million euros.

The court ruled that even if Booking had transmitted the requested information, it had done so late, so that the fine imposed, which will be paid to the city of Paris, should have been set at a lower amount.

According to the newspaper Le Monde, the hosting company showed its “disappointment” by this decision and affirmed to have worked in close collaboration with the Town hall to guarantee the quality and the effectiveness of the data and thus to respect the legal obligations in France.

“The data retroactively required by law did not leave Booking.com the time necessary to adequately comply with the requirements relating to the quality of the documents shared”, argued in statements collected by the French media this firm based in Amsterdam.

The city council led by socialist Anne Hidalgo won a legal victory in this area in February 2021, as the Supreme Court ruled that the regulation of short-term tourist rentals complied with European law to deal with the housing shortage.

The Paris court last July sentenced the Airbnb platform to a fine of more than 8 million euros for maintaining ads without the mandatory registration number since 2017.

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