10 amazing reports on Connecticut Bigfoot dating

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, whatever you call it, mankind has countless stories of run-ins with the Hairy Frightening Beast and some of them are in Connecticut, believe it or not.

10 amazing reports from CT Bigfoot dating

The Bigfoot field research organization are a legitimate group that take the business of Bigfoot very seriously, so if you’ve encountered a Bigfoot, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them. When you think of Bigfoot, and I think about it a lot, Connecticut is one of the last places that come to mind, but there is a lot more eyewitness testimony than you might imagine. These are 10 of the most extraordinary Bigfoot sightings in Nutmeg State.

It is not a mistake that I have included so many witness reports from Litchfield County. From what I can tell on the Bigfoot Field Research Organization website, Litchfield has the most Bigfoot reports in the state of CT. So, to my friends in New Milford and surrounding towns, PLEASE NOTE!

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Every Tuesday you can hear “The Place You Live” on the Ethan and Lou Show with Mike Allen. Mike dives into a local story every week and this week it was a Russian village in Connecticut. This week we learned that Southbury, CT is home to a tiny Russian village designed by some of Russia’s most respected writers.

Danbury Man shares eyewitness story and UFO photos

Everyone has a story to tell and some are more interesting than others. Recently I was contacted by a man from Danbury who had read an article I had written on UFOs and he wanted to tell me his story and share his photos.

From the opening sentence I knew this was a story I wanted to hear and the images were even more intriguing. It’s a UFO story of a man from Danbury named Bill Salvador, in his own words.

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