10 crystal villas for rent around the world

When planning a trip, people look for the best accommodations that are readily available and Airbnb vs hotels while traveling is an important point to consider. The first choice is usually a hotel, closely followed by Airbnb. What if visitors could spend their entire vacation in a home that is completely theirs and have a truly enjoyable and enjoyable stay? Offering visitors their privacy and solitude is possible by renting the entire space, the house or the villa. It is also a perfect option for travelers who just want to go to a new place and stay there for several days to relax and rest without really seeing the area.

If visitors are looking for a wonderful home in a quiet location, they can definitely consider Crystal Villas. The villas are set in an utterly stunning location and provide visitors with a range of amenities to ensure their stay is comfortable and enjoyable. While the houses may be isolated, the surroundings are usually so beautiful that guests rarely want to leave. Therefore, let’s take a look at some Crystal Villas that people can rent and spend their time in peace.

10/10 Crystal Villa Rica, Ibiza

Ibiza’s Villa Rica appears to be an elegant 5-bedroom house. It overlooks the coast of Cala Jondal and is located near the seafront. Villa Rica has five twin en-suite bedrooms, each with a mini fridge, air conditioning and TV. In addition, there is a hot tub, jacuzzi and gym. Villa Rica has a variety of dining establishments. One of them is a barbecue area with twinkling garlands. A dining room that overlooks the bay and a formal dining room that can accommodate 12 people are also present.

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9/10 Resort Villa Over Yonder, Bahamas

Luxury and seclusion are at their height on Over Yonder Cay, which offers four distinct homes for rent. Private beaches, hot tubs, and infinity pools are features of each property. Private outdoor spaces are available for dining and relaxing, and there are comfortable, fully air-conditioned living areas. The villas also include Creston control systems, televisions, Kaleidoscope entertainment library, internet access and iPads. The Meridian House is one of the most amazing houses. For group events, the villa’s colorful and whimsical rococo decor provides an elegant yet relaxed setting. The master suite of this property has a balcony with a view, a beautiful garden, a dressing room, a living room and a large bathroom. There are individual courtyards and terraces in each of the three guest apartments.

8/10 Villa Crystal, St. Maarten

The swimming pool with sofas and the vast outdoor living space are the highlights of this modern open concept architecture. On the east side of St. Maarten, adjacent to Dawn Beach, is Home Crystal, a private mansion with three spacious bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. The whole villa is made of Blue Fantasy marble with a burnt touch in the kitchen, one-piece countertops and sinks with a smooth matte surface in the bathrooms and sandblasted flooring. A trellis with an electric cover that people can adjust for sun exposure automatically covers it when it starts to drizzle.

7/10 Crystal Villa, Walton

Less than 10 km separate this hotel from Indian Bayou Golf Club, located on Miramar beach. Free Wi-Fi is available for visitors accommodation at Crystal Villas by Wyndham Vacation Rentals throughout their stay. Each unit has a terrace and a fully functional kitchen. In addition, the Crystal Villas offer a dining area, a living room with a sofa and an en-suite laundry room. Resort visitors have the option of renting movies for a quiet evening in their room or strolling to the adjacent Gulf of Mexico beaches. For added convenience and ease, parking is offered free of charge.

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6/10 Crystal Villa, Zakynthos, Greece

If visitors are looking to avoid certain things when visiting Zakynthos, so not staying in the Crystal Villa is definitely not on the list. Three en-suite bedrooms are in the classic style stone house known as Crystal Villa Zante. Eight people can comfortably stay at the family-run property, which is beautifully decorated and boasts stunning sea views. It features an indoor personal hydromassage pool and ocean access. Dining options are available inside and outside Crystal Villa Zante. In addition to the outdoor dining area under the shaded porch with breathtaking sights of Kefalonia and the stunning scenery, people can also dine at the dining table in the kitchen-living area.

5/10 Hollywood Mansion, Cape Town

The magnificent six-bedroom house, the Hollywood Mansion, is located in Camps Bay in Cape Town and is among the most amazing things to do in Cape Town. An alpine stream runs alongside, and there are great views. The outside space is ideal for socializing with a barbecue and a large infinity pool. The pinnacle of grandeur is available at the Hollywood Mansion, which has been featured prominently in several home decor articles. There are four parking lots, three offices and nine terraces. Additionally, there is a gymnasium, home cinema and an emphasis on surveillance with 360° cameras and sensors.

4/10 Alaya, Platinum West Coast

Along the Platinum Western Coast of Barbados is a beautiful, elegant beachfront mansion called Alaya. There are two independent apartments in addition to the six spacious bedrooms in the main house. The villa offers the utmost in grandeur and also features a Michelin starred chef. All meals, appetizers, premium wines and a fully equipped bar are also included in the rental price. A Vespa, a Vantage VQ54 yacht with a captain and two driven Audi Q7 sedans are also available to guests. Dramatic garden paths mimic drifting through lily pad ponds that stretch out to the ocean.

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3/10 Search Ani Private Resorts

A private property called Ani Private Resorts is located in the superb location of Dikwella along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The resort’s two self-contained residences have 15 rooms spread across its five acres. One has eight bedrooms, while the other has seven. The homes combine state-of-the-art custom fixtures and finishing with modernist design. It’s the the ultimate in luxury villa vacations. Visitors can also enjoy a real spa with a selection of Asian-influenced treatments. There are large ponds with fascinating countryside scenery.

2/10 La Bergerie, Tourette

The spectacular and memorable 8 bedroom private villa, La Bergerie, is located in Tourette. It is surrounded by beautifully planted gardens, which include lavender beds. The estate has ample outdoor seating and dining areas with shaded patios overlooking the pool and contains a very comfortable living area and an open dining table for ten. The villa offers a perfect fusion of traditional architecture and modern décor. Magnificent antiques found in ancient castles are used to showcase this villa. Visitors can enjoy the exclusive sauna, golf course, tennis court and fine dining establishments at conventional rates.

1/10 Villa Bananaquit, Jumby Bay Island

Off the coast of Antigua, on the secluded island of Jumby Bay, sits the seven-bedroom luxury home known as Villa Bananaquit. There are bathrooms in each of the Bananaquit suites. A living room, kitchen and dining room are also available in the villa. The beautiful outdoor relaxation areas are the ideal places for outdoor relaxation. It is beautifully designed in a Caribbean-inspired tropical theme. Poolside balconies add to the beauty of indoor and outdoor spaces. A magnificent tropical garden is also present.

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