10 most beautiful snowy towns to visit in Europe this winter

Europe is ideal for a fabulous vacation, no matter the time of year. Summers can be spent on the beaches of Croatia or in the gelaterias of Italy, the parks and canals of London and Amsterdam are a sight to behold in the fall, and spring brings the season for vineyard stays in France. and in Portugal. But come winter, parts of Europe turn into a magical wonderland with thick blankets of snow as far as the eye can see. If you are planning a white Christmas in Europe with a few days of skiing or sledding, here are ten beautiful snow towns you should consider staying.

10/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Considering the energy and spirit with which the holidays are celebrated in Slovenia’s capital, the fact that Ljubljana also gets heaps of snowfall is just a bonus. Ljubljana’s most popular landmarks host winter markets, the streets are lit up with Christmas lights and decorations, and December is filled with Santa Claus parades, live concerts and ballets featuring Casse -Hazelnut. In fact, parties are celebrated with such fervor that it’s completely normal to wake up with Maček, what Slovenians call a hangover.

9/10 Tallinn, Estonia

Widely regarded as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, the Tallinn’s Old Town also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While this makes Estonia’s capital a stunning year-round destination, Tallinn is even more beautiful when its historic buildings and turreted castles are covered in a blanket of glistening snow. Visitors can enjoy winter in Tallinn by strolling through its bookstores, admiring the city’s architecture, or taking refuge in a cozy cafe while it’s snowing outside.

8/10 Bergen, Norway

Bergen may have a reputation for being the rainiest city in Norway, but the Scandinavian coastal city is also prone to heavy snowfall, making Bergen look like a city straight out of a fairy tale. Bergen makes an excellent base from where travelers can embark on a fjord cruise or go cross-country skiing. But with its colorful buildings, picturesque harbour, winter markets and Pepperkaker (Norwegian gingerbread), it’s going to be hard to leave the streets of Bergen to do anything else.

7/10 Copenhagen, Denmark

Think Copenhagen is breathtaking enough? Expect to see it covered in snow during hygge season. Copenhagen is home to some of the best Christmas markets in all of Europe. So it’s quite likely that those visiting the snowy city of Copenhagen will spend their entire vacation simply sipping Glogg, a Danish mulled wine made with raisins and almonds, sometimes topped with rum. If you manage to visit all the Christmas markets during your stay and have time for something more, Copenhagen also has wonderful ice rinks, hot saunas and frozen canals to see.

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6/10 Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg may be the capital of northeastern France, but it’s also known as the capital of Christmas, and it’s easy to see why. With cozy wine taverns, night markets and hundreds of wooden stalls throughout the city selling all sorts of festive wares, Strasbourg is a great place for those who want to celebrate a snow-white Christmas. Outraged, The city center of Strasbourg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Siteand it only gets better when winter turns it into a sea of ​​soft snow with bright Christmas lights.

5/10 Zermatt, Switzerland

For those who like to spend their winters skiing in the mountains, there are few places better than the slopes of Switzerland. The mountain town of Zermatt is located 1,600 meters above sea level, making it a sought-after location for skiers from all over the world. As such, Zermatt has everything you would expect of a quaint ski resort: cozy late-night pubs, chic boutiques and spas with spectacular views. But Zermatt also has a lot to offer non-skiers: wine bars, cheese shops, snowy hikes, suspension bridges and cable cars that lead to beautiful monuments, and even adventure sports like paragliding.

4/10 Budapest, Hungary

Images of Budapest covered in snow are often found on postcards – the city is just as spectacular in winter. Apart from Christmas markets, light shows, opera performances and ice rinks, Budapest also runs a light ram or Fényvillamos which is covered with 39,000 lights, especially for the festive season. More, Budapest is known as the spa capital of the worldand there’s something special about soaking in a hot, steaming hot spring bath when the temperature is freezing and snowflakes are falling on your face.

3/10 Prague, Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic attracts thousands of tourists every day, but those who haven’t experienced the magical charm of Prague in winter haven’t really seen all that the city has to offer. The temperature in Prague can drop to -15°C when the city is covered in light powder snow. Visitors can strap on their snowshoes and stroll through the twinkling lights of Christmas markets and churches in a town that smells of mulled wine and trdelník (spit cake).

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2/10 Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is located in the Salzkammergut region of the Eastern Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is recognized for its breathtaking landscape with alpine mountains and crystal clear lakes. With heavy snow showers, Hallstatt is a wonderful place to stop for mornings filled with skiing and winter sports, evenings spent walking by the lakes and nights ending in outings in cozy pubs for a cup of hot chocolate. or hot cider.

1/10 Rovaniemi, Finland

Known as the hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is a land of cool temperatures with heaps and heaps of snow. While Rovaniemi is blanketed in deep snow for half the year – thanks to the Arctic region – the capital of Finnish Lapland turns into a magical wonderland at Christmas time and vibrates with a festive so warm you’ll feel fuzzy inside despite the freezing weather. Those who have already visited Santa Claus Village can watch the Northern Lights, go dog sledding in nature or even try their hand at ice fishing. Don’t be surprised if you see Santa Claus driving past you on his sleigh during your day!

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