10 things you never say to someone in Danbury

When you visit a new place or stop on your way in a town or village, you should receive a guide on sensitive topics. I think a little brochure distributed at the edge of town is a great idea.

Danbury doesn’t have such a brochure to my knowledge, so we’re going to make this the official list of things to avoid. There are some things you just shouldn’t tell Danbury, in fact there are ten.

10 things you never say to someone in Danbury

When in Rome, do like the Romans, it’s the famous saying. When in Danbury, don’t say these things, it’s not yet known but I’m working on it.

OK, now back to our regular lineup, do and say whatever you want is America.

In 1970 two men robbed a Danbury bank and blew up the police station

The story of the Pardue brothers, their connection to Danbury and what happened in Hat City in February 1970 came to us from Mike Allen. Every Tuesday Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95 for a feature film called “The Place You Live” and this week it was a local story like I had never heard.

John Pardue was a 27 year old male in 1970 who lived in Danbury, his brother James was 23 and lived in Lusby, Maryland. Before the story reached Hat City and the brothers robbed the Union Savings Bank on Main Street, they had already racked up a whole list of amazing crimes.

Prior to Danbury, they robbed banks in Lewisboro, NY, Georgetown, CT and Union, MO. They also killed their father, grandmother, two other men who helped them commit the robbery in Georgetown, Connecticut and had, at a minimum, a role in the death of an innocent man from Bridgeport to whom they stole a car. John and James Pardue were hard-core criminals before their Danbury bank robbery.

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