13 best things to buy in 2021

Ana Davila

Welcome to our monthly fashion, beauty, interior and product review. Each month, we’ll update ELLE recommendations with our favorite items to buy that are currently on sale.

Before a new month, ELLE United KingdomEditors of will come together to research the best gifts to please yourself and your loved ones, whether it’s a new set of candles and designer jewelry, or the latest gown. summer must-have or this season’s must-have handbag. With our expertise in fashion, beauty and housewares, we’ll put together the perfect list of products we think are worth investing in every month, to ensure you are kept up to date. current with the latest trends and know what is really it is worth spending your hard earned money.

Here is our list of the best things to buy right now:

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Editor-in-chief’s choice

Mid-heel leather strap sandal

Market – £ 150.00

Is it just me, or is someone suddenly bored of flats? I know they are comfortable, I know they are chic and I know that after several lockdowns and WFH it’s hard to imagine wearing anything else. But for some reason (the return of my social life?) I’m suddenly on the lookout for a little helping hand. I start off slowly with a moderate heel in a classic strappy style, and hope I can remember how to walk in it.

Editor’s Choice (Digital)

‘More Joy’ logo-print cotton sweatshirt

(Christopher Kane) More Joy – £ 150

Have we even had a good summer? We had about four days of sporadic heatwave and since then it’s a bit uncertain. And the end of August already feels like fall, which isn’t fair at all, but it does mean that my head has already turned to AW21 styles. And I covet this Christopher Kane sweatshirt because “More Joy” is definitely a mantra I’m going to have to keep repeating to myself as the colder, darker months set in before they’re really welcome.

News Editor’s Choice

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte tilbury

£ 34.00

After hesitating to buy anything that promises sparkle because, frankly, the panic, running for the subway and 20 minutes on the Northern Line gives me all the “glow” I need, I I changed my approach when I discovered Hollywood’s flawless filter by the queen of the romantic glow of the red carpet, Charlotte Tilbury. After asking several friends why they were really glowing when I finally saw them IRL after the lockdown, they all had the same answer, and * spoiler alert * it was this product.

Choice of Acting Beauty Director

Discovery Wellbeing Bath and Shower Oils Collection, 10 x 3ml

Associates in aromatherapy

£ 40.00

Is it too early to talk about swimming? Damn – it’s cold, it’s gray – so I’m going for it. Aromatherapy Associates make some of the best bath oils, and with this set, you can find the one that’s right for you.

Tip: you are Assumed to rub the oil on your chest, not to run it under the tap. Who knew ?!

Senior Social Media Manager

Set of two glass pinch dishes candy

Forget about minimalism, I’m all about vases, decorative plates and glass junk dishes. More is more! I imagine them on my bedside tables filled with jewelry, spare change and lip balms.

Assistant digital editor

Zipped waist bag in Yelo technical fabric

Festival season may be almost over (and with it our hopes for sunshine), but that doesn’t mean we need to love functional, designer and chic fanny packs any less. New this season, this Jacquemus fanny pack has an elasticated waistband, a back patch pocket for your Monzo and a main compartment for your cell phone, keys and makeup. Worn around the waist, across the body or across the body, this is an inexpensive fall bag that will go with any outfit, trust me.

Choice of Acting Beauty Director

Tomato Leaves Small Scented Candle

I know it’s incredibly specialized, but one of my all-time favorite flavors is tomato leaf. So when LOEWE launched its own iteration of the green grass scent in a four-wick tomato-red terracotta candle (with the LOEWE monogram, no less), it went straight to the top of my must-have list. The easiest way to make a little London patio smell like you’re in the middle of The Newt’s vegetable garden is the most satisfying flavorful scent.

Fashion director’s choice

Cashmere slides

I’m going to make my office life easier by investing in what are essentially super-luxury slippers. Gabriela Hearst is the designer of the moment thanks to her recent debut at Chloé; beautifully crafted shoes are one of his signatures.

Choice of deputy editor-in-chief

Adaptive tanning mist

I took advantage of these sporadic heatwaves, spending as much time as possible basking in the sun. But the only downside of being hot on sunscreen, by coating my skin with SPF50 on a regular basis, is that now my face is considerably lighter than the rest of my body. And that sounds… weird.

That’s why I’m buying another bottle of Oskia’s Adaptive Tan Mist. It’s a bit expensive, of course, but it lasts age and it’s honestly the most natural, easy-to-use face (and body) self-tanner I’ve tried. Just spray as a face mist before bed and wake up like you’ve spent a week in the Maldives – without the sun damage.

Martha Ward Knot Nightie

Bamford – £ 295.00

Super stylist Martha Ward has teamed up with one of my favorite brands, Bamford, to create these gorgeous 100% organic cotton beach dresses. Lightweight and with cute little details like ruffled collars and scalloped sleeves, this is the kind of thing you dream of picking up in a Provencal flea market, but never do. (It’s a traveler’s dream too, folding to the size of a matchbox!)


Art Editor’s Choice

Laser-cut leather slides

I’m a fan of these Alaïa saffron slides. Laser-cut with the brand’s signature “Vienne” motif, the design evokes the complex architecture of the French commune it is named after. Crafted in scalloped saffron leather and set on light heels, they are the perfect accessory for that essential instant touch of color.

Director’s choice

Azure Haze 4 piece dinner plate set

It has been the summer of the garden party for me and I love to get started in setting up the table and catering. If friends have made the effort to come to my house for a night out, I want to make it special. These plates look gorgeous on any table, for lunch or dinner indoors or out. And best of all, they’re dishwasher safe, which makes the inevitable big cleanup a bit more bearable.

Selecting the mode features editor

raffia shoulder bag

It’s great to be allowed to leave the UK for Green List countries, but let’s be honest, leaving England is still a big deal. For the lazier (#coupeurs), not quite ready to swap the city for the Aegean Sea, there are ways to embrace the vacation-at-home style.

Obviously, we don’t have any use for the beach bags on the tube, but Prada’s raffia shoulder bag is a city-friendly version of the classic seaside raffia tote. expensive, yes, but we save money staying here so might as well put that money to good use …

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