13 party houses: the best party houses to rent for large groups

Party houses are hard to find. If you’ve ever been tasked with planning a weekend getaway with your whole group of pals – or a bachelorette party with 17 strong women – you know this all too well. Not only are large houses much rarer than their three bedroom counterparts, naturally, many of the top Airbnbs in the UK have strict rules and regulations around loud music and disruption. Okay, but what if you want to let loose and boogie the night away?

In an effort to help you find a chic and stylish property that has enough space for your entire clan, we’ve searched high and far for it. best party houses to rent at present. Our criteria? We wanted properties with no mention of a “no party” rule in their list of house rules – not so you could take the Mick, but just to make you feel a little less guilty for making the Spice. First-rate girls. We also wanted properties that can sleep 12 or more (some can sleep up to 20) in a selection of spacious rooms. No room was filled with metal bunk beds rattling around these rooms.

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Along with the basics, these places have epic kitchens for hosting delicious dinners, hot tubs, pools, and gardens big enough for the DIY sports day of your dreams. Take this five star property in Derbyshire, for example. It can accommodate 16 people, a hot tub, sauna and a large barbecue area. Tucked away on a private driveway, it feels totally private and secluded – and there’s plenty to do in the surrounding area, too. You can venture out into the beautiful Peak District, collect fresh eggs from the chickens on site or stroll through the orchard to pick your own apples. Speak about healthy.

If Derbyshire isn’t for you, head to Corffe House which seats 20 and has a cinema room and indoor pool. The kitchen is spacious and modern, the chandeliered dining room is a chic space to host a fancy dinner party, and the tennis courts are the perfect place to sweat off all that flavored gin you consumed the night before. Where do we sign?

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