19 Best Experience Gifts They’ll Never Forget

If you’re looking to give your adventure-seeking friend something they don’t have to go out to see, home experiences are a great idea. These experience gift ideas will help the traveler in your life see the wonders of the world, hone their language skills, and expand their knowledge from the comfort of their home.

Consider going on safari through South Africa, mastering gnocchi and ravioli with an Italian brain, and even diving with sharks right from their own home. What we love most about these thoughtful experiment gift ideas is how they encourage connection because they’re the most fun when you experience them together.

Here are our 19 picks for the best virtual and home experiences you can give someone — or yourself — for any occasion.

If your favorite travel companion is your spouse or partner, you can add a touch of romance by booking this Date Night course through On the table. This cooking and cooking store offers in-person classes, but it’s also taken its instruction library online to make it more accessible to everyone. In this experience, you will be guided on how to cook seared scallops, couscous and garlic aioli, cumin and harissa glazed carrots and olive oil polenta cake with whipped cream.

Airbnb Discover Buenos Aires Street Art & Sketch with a specialist (from $15 pp; airbnb.com)


In addition to the vast amount of wine and empanadas you will consume in the Argentine capital, you will also be impressed by the street art that adorns almost every corner of the city. Although a trip to Buenos Aires may not be possible for many, you can still learn about the vibrant art scene from a local guide in this Airbnb virtual experience. When you gift it to the artist in your life, you’re giving them an interactive experience, traveling through four vibrant neighborhoods: Banfield, Puerto Madero, La Boca and Palermo. As a bonus, the last 15 minutes are an opportunity to test their street art experience with a design of their own.


Olive oil is a staple that you may not hesitate to use in your recipes. However, it comes from destinations all over the world – from Italy to Greece and from Croatia to California. You can help your foodie and travel friend learn how olive oil is made in this immersive virtual tasting experience with seventh-generation Italian olive growers. The giveaway includes a flight of oils, all designed to showcase various flavors and intensities.

Uncommon Goods

Your jet-setting pal would probably prefer to explore the bustling and colorful streets of Tokyo, sampling hidden gems around every corner. But since they can’t make the long trip to Japan yet, you can encourage them to learn the art of one of the country’s signature dishes: sushi. It’s not easy to master, but this organized kit includes a treadmill, instructions and drink pairings, and everything needed to make four servings. That’s right, it also comes with sushi rice, nori (seaweed), sesame seeds, rice vinegar toppings, and spicy wasabi powder. The only thing missing is fresh local seafood – and a bit of patience.

Consider this gift a fun and engaging way to teach the kids in your life about the culinary traditions of Spain, China, Ethiopia and more. Each box includes three recipe cards plus spices, sauces and grains from the featured country of the month. If your kids love it, sign up for a monthly subscription!

You know your morning cup of coffee starts your day off with ease, but which beans tickle your palette? Which roast do you prefer? Grab this gift for yourself and a colleague or friend and you can find out what 2,000 5-star reviewers are raving about. The course explains what makes a good cup of coffee and how to find your own brew, and includes a barista manual. Then, when it’s time to explore the world again, the two of you might know how to order what you’ve been dreaming of abroad.

Uncommon Goods

So, your gift recipient has been to a healer in Bali and a psychic in Spain, they take astrology seriously and their favorite part of a Chinese dinner is the fortune cookie at the end. Now they can write their own destiny with this cute gift set that makes 48 homemade fortune cookies. Although it comes with 60 pre-written messages, it also has an edible ink pen so they can doodle their own sentiments too.

Airbnb Explore Kenya’s cuisines, culture and music (from $31 pp; airbnb.com)


Kenyan cuisine will make anyone salivate who can’t get enough of the spices and stews. Give the gift of learning to cook Kenyan cuisine with this class that does more than teach authentic recipes, but also provides insight into Kenyan culture. You can book a private lesson or choose from a group experience, which covers different meals each day of the week.

  • Sunday and Monday: Kenya nut stew served with mukimo (irio)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Kenya’s finest stew served with butternut chapati
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Curry, chapati, ugali and steamed cabbage and carrot


Many Airbnb Experiences follow a structured schedule, but with this one, no two trips are alike, as it takes place in the South African bush. The person you gift this experience to will be guided through a 240-acre wildlife sanctuary in search of elephants, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos and more. Along the way, the guide will tell captivating stories and teach about this corner of the country – everyone will leave amazed at the beauty. Invite a friend over for all the fun and make it a gift for two.

Meet and Draw an Airbnb Llama (from $29; airbnb.com)

Need a fun idea for your curious child who is obsessed with animals? Or maybe he just has a fondness for llamas? No matter what makes them love these cute creatures, this fun digital class not only introduces them to a real-life llama (through the screen, of course), but also encourages them to practice observation skills to draw them. . The speaker will guide through pointed prompts like how the animal eats, moves and reacts.


You and your favorite travel companion may have spent the last few months planning a well-deserved vacation. To prepare them for the adventures that are sure to come, push them to finally learn a language they’ve been talking about for years. A Italki Membership will put them on the right track, offering more than 130 languages ​​and 10,000 high-quality teachers who teach one-to-one lessons online.

Experiences in the City of Lights can often be some of the most magical. If you went there with your best friend, you probably explored the winding streets, admired the architecture and charm and, of course, ate your weight in food. Now bring those sweet memories back to your fellow traveler with this macaron making kit. It includes a non-stick silicone baking mat plus a recipe book with flavors like rose, earl grey, pistachio and more, plus a refillable icing pen with six tips.

Airbnb Make Gnocchi and Ravioli at Home (from $25; airbnb.com)

For the recipient you want to impress, this pasta making class is the way to do it. Consider booking the experience for two as a romantic date experience where you’ll prepare homemade gnocchi and ravioli. It’s taught by an Italian family who have passed the recipe down from generation to generation, making you feel like you’re part of history in the making. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to make pesto for a garnish, and you’ll get a rebookable discount if you want to try other types of pasta.


True bagel lovers are strictly Team New York or Team Montreal. For the friend who loves this breakfast staple, consider gifting this class that teaches the fine arts of the Canadian favorite. The Montreal bagel is sweeter and chewier than its Big Apple competitor, so it might challenge traditional taste buds. This course will cover various bagel styles, appropriate toppings and variations, and how-to instructions for making your own at home.

Master class

For the person in your life who is always ready to learn something new and different, a Master Class Membership could make their year full of wonder. It includes more than 100 renowned instructors – like Gordon Ramsey, Simone Biles, Joanne Chang and more – in 11 categories. Some are practical, others are conference style and all will make them think.


After reaching Machu Picchu in Peru, there’s a big reward of a round – or two – of pisco sour to celebrate the victory. If you can’t make it to this wonder of the world yet, grab your best friend and treat him to pisco with a Peruvian instructor. This course covers the history of this Peruvian-origin liquor, how it’s distilled, and, of course, two cocktails to shake, sip, and savor.


Scandinavia has a unique aesthetic, style and way of life. Focused on families, function and environmental preservation, this part of the world attracts visitors who seek to better understand why the citizens of these nations are happier and healthier. Take your gift recipient for a walk through Bergen, Norway, a place widely considered to be one of the best-preserved shopping districts in the world. It’s one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and while you might not see it in person yet, you’ll enjoy this virtual trip with a local host.


Created by a New York store, this kit includes everything to make 30 bite-size donuts, plus four indulgent sugar blends: coco loco, lemon pop, speckled strawberry, and cinnamon. It also includes a donut dropper and instructions that will get everyone excited.


Experience the thrilling adventure of diving with sharks without leaving the couch or even getting wet. Guided by an instructor who has 21 years of experience in shark conservation, scientific research and more, go “under the water” to see these amazing creatures face-to-face.

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