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“Deer hunting is an adventure,” says Dave Tupey of New Prague. “We hunt in Minnesota where we live, an agricultural country. We love to come to Wisconsin and hunt in the great woods. Dave’s younger brother Joel Tupey successfully hunted mule deer and attempted elk in Idaho when he lived there. The two Tupey brothers really love to hunt deer. They went north and spotted the new area where we had rented an Airbnb on Lake 26 from the owner, Catherin. “We explored all kinds of places, drove a lot of miles on the truck and used up a lot of boot leather,” added Joel.

“We found a nice place with a lot of signs and decided where to put our climbing racks. I was at the bottom of the hill and Dave was at the top. A beautiful doe walked into Joel right away who filled out his bonus tag at the start of opening day. Later another nice doe came to squeeze through some thick stuff that didn’t give Dave a good shot. “That doe wanted to come down the hill to Joel, but I couldn’t let that happen. I looked through the scope and found a 6 inch window in a vital area and pulled the trigger. This nice doe has never approached Joël. The brothers will be brothers, I guess.

It all started around 2010 when my son’s best friend, Tupey brother-in-law, Chris LeMay told Josh he found us a deer hut in the north, for $ 400 a year !! It was an old two bedroom mobile home on an 80 acre wooded lot with an outhouse and an old hand pump well where you could get water. Once we got rid of the mice and hornets and those big black house files popping up out of nowhere, that was enough for us. We are talking about a Deer Shack, but after 10 years it sold out, hence the 3rd annual Airbnb.

I was in blind to the ground, “The Fortress” on Deer Mountain when a deer ran past. I tried to hiss to stop it but my lips were slightly frozen. He stopped in a thick spot below me 126 paces away. I looked through the scope of my old Remington Woodmaster ott six and found a nice opening 15ft in front of the deer. It took off and I hit it hard when it hit the aperture and reticle of my telescope. The peak buck didn’t go any further.

Chris LeMay was there with his boys, Mathew, 13, and Josh LeMay, 11. The boys and their father were successful in hunting Wisconsin youth hunting and Minnesota deer season earlier that year. My son Josh didn’t see a deer that could shoot, but he got the doe from Dave Tupey because he had also been successful earlier in Minnesota. This is the raison d’être of deer hunting, enjoying the deer we love and love to hunt, then share our bounty and make friendships.

Jim Bennett is an outdoor enthusiast who lives and works in the St. Croix Valley and can be reached at [email protected] for comments.

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