24/7 ice cream vending machine installed 45 minutes from St. Cloud

Minnesotans still want ice cream, even in the dead of winter when the air outside is colder than the freezer itself. What’s the scoop? ice cream shop in Saint-Michel knows that, and they make sure people have access to ice cream anytime of the day.

What’s the scoop? has been making ice cream in Buffalo for four years now, but expanded last year. They have been in the St. Michael/Albertville area since February 2021 and operated as an ice cream truck traveling to area events, until the brick and mortar location opened in June.

In November 2021, the company added its ice cream vending machine to be able to serve delicious ice cream to customers at all times. Sold by the pint, this ice cream vending machine offers 12 different flavors and is as easy to use as any other vending machine you have visited.

Satisfying your sweet tooth has never been easier. This ice cream vending machine is located at 104 Central Ave E, St Michael 55376. Have you ever used it? Let us know if you check it out yourself, and be sure to visit What is the Scoop? on their Facebook page.

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