24 travel apps to make your next trip easier and safer

NOTAs vaccines have been widely distributed in the United States and travel bans have started to be lifted, you may be thinking about planning your next big trip. Whether you drive, fly, or take a train, there are many different apps to get the most out of your excursion.

Of course, if you’re not someone who’s constantly thinking about travel, you might not be sure what travel is (and, hey, the same). To help you (and myself), I chatted with six friends who have traveled extensively about their must-have apps for safe and easy travel. Check them out (all 24) below.

The best travel apps for added convenience and security on your next trip

1. Airside mobile passport

US and Canadian passport holders can use this app to store their passport for easy access on their phone when going through customs. “I use Mobile Pass to get a digital copy of my passport in real time at the airport so that I don’t have to queue for an hour to get to a new location,” says Teresa S., senior recruiter based in Budapest, 29. And if you get the advanced version, you can even use the app to keep track of your trip history.

To download: Airside mobile passport

2. Skyscanner

Want to find cheap flights to make it easier for you to splurge in your destination city? Alex M., 29, a market research analyst based in Northern Virginia, says Skyscanner is the way to go. “Skyscanner is the best site I have used to find cheap flights,” he says. “You have the option of choosing the ‘Least expensive month’ and the ‘Everywhere’ destination. This is how I found flights to Vietnam for $ 430 round trip, or to Italy for $ 290, or to Brazil for $ 305. It’s my number one flight search engine.

To download: Skyscanner

3. Ignored

Another great app for finding cheap flights is skiplagged. “Let’s say I want to go to Cancun, the flight costs $ 300,” says Alex. “Skiplagged, my second favorite flight app, will show you an option that goes to Mexico City with a stopover in Cancun for $ 200, then you get off in Cancun and skip the second stop to Mexico City.”

To download: Ignored

4. Momondo

Another of Alex’s favorite comparison apps? Momondo. With it, users can compare and book flights, hotels and car rentals in a user-friendly interface.

To download: Momondo

5. Expedia

Are you specifically looking for inexpensive travel packages (think all-inclusive seaside vacations)? Alex recommends scanning Expedia for this. “It can help you find really cheap packages,” he says.

To download: Expedia

6. Secret flight

You’ll be shocked to find out how inexpensively you can travel – you just need to know where to look (and book). “Secret Flying finds mistakes / good deals all over the world,” says Alex. “My favorite mistake was a five star stay in Greece for four euros per night!

To download: Secret flight

7. Voyage pirates

Another app that Alex relies on to find mistakes and bargains is Travel Pirates. Just be sure to book immediately if you find a good deal as they sell out quickly.

To download: Travel pirates

8. Charles Schwab

Believe it or not, the debit card you use can help you travel more easily. “Charles Schwab is my favorite debit card because I can use it anywhere in the world with any bank and I don’t get any ATM fees,” says Alex.

DDownload : Charles Schwab

9. Chase Sapphire Reserve

Which credit card you use also plays a role, as some cards offer incredible travel benefits that will help you streamline (and lower the cost) of your trip. “My choice is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card,” shares Alex. “After accumulating points, I was able to fly for free. In addition, I have already been robbed and with the reserve card, I was reimbursed almost $ 2,000. In addition, the Priority Pass (which is included in the card) is one of my favorites advantages. I hang out in airport lounges with amazing views, free food and drink, and sometimes beds to take a nap.

Alex isn’t the only one who loves the Chase card, however. New York-based Community Impact Associate Elizabeth K., 28, also loves the card. “We use Chase to book flights or hotels (using points!),” She says.

To download: chase away

10. Rome2Rio

If you’re traveling to a new place (or even revisiting a city you haven’t fully explored yet), knowing how to get around is essential. “Rome2Rio is great for transportation options,” says Ashley P., 30, Wisconsin-based account manager. “This will give you all the methods to get from A to B.”

“It works in any part of the world (boat, plane, train, bus, etc.),” adds Alex. “It saved me everywhere.”

To download: Rome2Rio

11. Uber

In case you didn’t know, Uber is all over the world. And, according to Alex, thanks to his high marks, it’s the safest carpooling option he’s found when traveling overseas.

To download: Uber

12. Free now (Europe)

If you’re traveling in Europe and an Uber isn’t available, Alex says another safe option is Free Now.

To download: Free now

13. Enter (Asia)

And if you’re in Asia, Alex says Grab is a good carpooling option if an Uber isn’t available. Like Uber, it can be used for transportation as well as package and food deliveries.

To download: To catch

14. Hostelworld

If your goal is to book stays as cheap as possible, Alex says Hostelworld is a great app for finding affordable, top-rated accommodation.

To download: Hostelworld

15. Airbnb

If you prefer manned homes and apartments to corporate hotels, New York-based credit analyst Will B., 28, recommends Airbnb. “We use Airbnb for almost all bookings,” says Will, who makes an average of 20 trips a year.

To download: Airbnb

16. Workaway

Maybe you want to do a little good while you’re traveling and having fun. If so, Alex recommends consulting Workaway for easy access to impactful volunteer work. “Workaway has given me the most rewarding volunteer experiences,” he says. “I have used it in Morocco and Spain, and they have volunteer opportunities in over 120 countries.”

To download: Work far away

17. Tripadvisor

If you’re not the type to leave your trip to chance, Alex recommends that you download Trip Advisor to guide you where you’re going. “It helps me with the tours,” he says. “I can read experiences to see if an activity is for me.”

Teresa adds that Tripadvisor is one of her must-haves because it shows location based on proximity to city centers, making it easy to plan meals, hotel stays and excursions.

To download: Tripadvisor

18. Whatsapp

In order to avoid high cell phone data charges, Alex recommends downloading Whatsapp. “They have over a billion users worldwide and it’s used in the most remote places you can imagine,” he says. “It helps me communicate all over the world. “

To download: WhatsApp

19. Google Translate

It is helpful to know the language when traveling to a foreign place. Of course, thanks to technology, you don’t have to be fluent yourself. “Google translate with the downloaded language for foreign countries is helpful,” Will says, and Alex agrees.

To download: Google Translate


Don’t get lost without knowing where to go. “MAPS.ME works offline, so in case I don’t have a signal or wifi, that guides me,” says Alex.

To download: CARTES.ME

21. All trails

If your trip is all about hiking the great outdoors in the United States, Elizabeth recommends All Trails, which provides maps, photos, and reviews of trails across the country. And, if you get the paid version, it will even send satellite updates to your designated contacts so your employees can always find you if something goes wrong.

To download: All trails

22. Splitwise

Traveling with friends? Veronica N., 29, a senior partner based in Northern Virginia, says Splitwise is helpful. The app allows you to create groups where you can then upload expenses, which it will distribute evenly among members.

To download: Splitwise

23. TripIt

Looking to keep your trip as organized as possible? Veronica recommends TripIt, which lets you describe your entire trip and share it with whoever you’re traveling with.

To download: Tripit

Excelsior collar

If you’re heading to New York, Elizabeth and Will will tell you that the Excelsior Pass is a good idea. It creates a digital record of your COVID-19 vaccine, which is needed to enter various indoor public places, including restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, etc.

Register for: Excelsior collar

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