25 Airbnb Online Experiences You Could Host

Airbnb isn’t just an online platform for finding and booking vacation homes. The site also connects users with in-person and virtual experiences. So would-be entrepreneurs or those looking to earn a little extra cash can benefit from an Airbnb online experience. Here are some ideas to consider.

What are Airbnb Online Experiences?

Airbnb Online Experiences are virtual activities that individuals and/or groups can participate in from their home or office. These experiences are designed to give people a taste of a new place or culture without traveling there. People often use them to learn more about different areas while contemplating future travel destinations or planning upcoming trips.

How do Airbnb online experiences work?

First, a host with something to offer needs to set up an experience. For example, a skilled pasta maker in Italy might create a page for a homemade pasta course. Their experience is then hosted on Airbnb, where users can register and watch the video course from home. Hosts can offer fixed times for their experiences and offer them to both individuals and private groups.

Pricing for Airbnb Online Experiences

Prices for Airbnb Online Experiences vary by location and type of event. Hosts can set their own prices, and Airbnb charges a 20% fee for in-person and online experience bookings. This covers things like customer support and platform hosting. Many online experiences are between $10 and $50 per person.

Best Airbnb Online Experiences

If you’re ready to host an Airbnb online experience, here are several options that may suit different types of entrepreneurs.

1. Virtual tours

A virtual tour typically includes video content and interactive sessions that show a unique location. Some virtual tours on Airbnb show entire cities, while others focus on specific locations like a neighborhood or a singular tourist attraction.

2. Interactive magic tricks

If you know any tricks, show off your magic gadgets in an online show. These experiences typically include interaction with audience members. You will therefore have to adapt your magic lesson or your tricks to this type of format. Some experiences focus specifically on family magic tricks, while others are geared more towards an adult audience.

3. Mexican street tacos

Show off your best family recipes in an online experience. For example, you can welcome visitors from around the world to your home kitchen in Mexico to see how the tortillas and fillings are made by hand.

4. Cooking class

You can also offer a cooking class that focuses on any regional specialty of your choice. The format of the class is up to you. But many hosts provide a list of necessary ingredients or supplies ahead of time so attendees can make their own dishes with you.

5. Funny historical fake game

Games are a huge hit on Airbnb online experiences, especially for team building. If you’re from a historically significant area, consider creating a humorous trivia game that draws attention to nonsensical facts and empowers people to separate truth from fiction.

6. Mysterious Escape Room

Escape rooms have become especially popular for team building. And you can easily transfer them into a virtual environment by giving clear instructions and giving groups an easy way to use their problem-solving skills together online.

7. Harry Potter Q&A Contest

Create a contest around a common interest that can bring people together, like the magic of Harry Potter. Offer unique facts and compete teams and/or individuals for unique prizes.

8. Virtual Walk

A virtual walk can be similar to a virtual tour, except the focus is more on viewing everyday landscapes and relaxing, instead of learning unique facts about the area. Tour guides should film their surroundings and can hold simple, casual chats along the way.

9. Travel guides

Travel guides may include some elements of an online tour. But they should strive to help people figure out which attractions they most want to visit in a specific location. So you can offer details about restaurants, parks, accommodations, and transportation in your area.

10. Animal visits

Anyone with access to a farm, wildlife sanctuary, or other areas with lots of animals can host a virtual experience that gives people an up-close view of these cute creatures. These may primarily include video footage of the actual animals. But you can also give insight into how they are fed and cared for.

11. Behind-the-scenes tours

If you’re hosting an in-person attraction like a concert hall or museum, give virtual visitors a behind-the-scenes look. You can even include interviews or interactive sessions with interesting people affiliated with the attraction.

12. Interviews with interesting locals

Your online experience can also revolve around interviews with interesting local hosts. It can be a famous person or just a local who knows the area well and is willing to share their travel secrets.

13. Art Classes

Offer interactive online art classes that bring creatives together. You can teach painting, drawing, and ceramics, or even provide a paint-and-sip style experience. These can be especially popular if you incorporate a particular style of art or subject matter from your area, such as painting the Eiffel Tower while showing it through a Parisian apartment window.

More Airbnb Virtual Experiences

If you’re still looking for the perfect virtual tours or online experience to earn extra income on Airbnb, here are a few more things to consider.

14. Cocktail demonstrations

Show off your bartending skills by demonstrating how to make a unique cocktail and letting attendees whip one up alongside you. This can be especially beneficial for bar owners who want to draw attention to their signature cocktails with those planning to visit the area.

15. Treasure Hunts

A scavenger hunt can be a fun team building exercise. Simply make a list of items or challenges that participants might find in their own places. And find a way to incorporate interesting problem-solving skills or fun stories into the experience.

16. Motivational talks

Those who could otherwise offer motivational speeches in person can now do so online. Athletes, business leaders and people who have overcome major challenges can all moderate discussions and even answer attendees’ questions virtually.

17. Fitness classes

Fitness classes are becoming more and more virtual. You can offer anything from yoga to high-intensity interval training from your home or gym. However, since the experience is hosted on Airbnb, it may be beneficial to feature a unique landscape or workout style specific to your location. For example, a yoga instructor in Hawaii may offer yoga sessions on the beach.

18. Craft workshops

Give participants a list of supplies, then walk them through the steps of making a specific craft item. For example, you can host a jewelry-making workshop or help families with children create fun handprint ornaments for the holidays.

19. Writing Guides

Writers around the world can share their expertise with others from anywhere. Offer tips, ideas and challenges to those looking to learn the trade. You can also walk them through your own process and give them a virtual tour of your writing space.

20. Board Games

Board games on Airbnb online can include anything from bingo with drag queens to virtual reality games. The key is to provide experiences that appeal to large groups, like offices or entire families, so they can all play together.

21. Guided meditations

Provide a calming atmosphere and guided audio to help people gain mindfulness and clarity. This can be especially beneficial for those who live in quiet places like beach towns.

22. Astrological Readings

If you provide tarot cards or palm readings in person, consider offering similar services using video chat software like the Zoom app. You can even offer this to groups by demonstrating some of the concepts and teaching people how to do their own readings.

23. Story Time

Storytime experiences are especially popular with children and families. Do a reading from a popular children’s book or regional history.

24. Let’s sing together

Sing popular regional songs and invite people to join in. This could be an ideal option for performers.

25. Language teaching

Teach people the basics of your native language before they travel. Specifically, focus on phrases they might need while traveling.

How to Host Airbnb Online Experiences

If you have an online experience in mind that meets Airbnb’s quality standards, start by creating an experience page. It should describe what you’re offering and where you’re from, and include photos or media that tell more about the experience. Next, add dates and allow users to start signing up.

How successful are Airbnb Experiences?

Hosts have earned over $2 million hosting Airbnb Experiences, both online and in-person. Online functionality has particularly taken off during the pandemic. And many hosts have used it to make up for lost income while people aren’t traveling.

What are the best Airbnb online experiences for teams?

The best Airbnb online experiences for team building typically include interactive games or challenges that groups can complete together while using a variety of skills. For example, online escape rooms, magic lessons, and cooking classes are all popular with teams.

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