3 Americans found dead in Mexico City Airbnb – WFTV

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Three American families are searching for answers after their adult children were found dead in an Airbnb while attending the annual Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City.

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According WAVY-TVthe Virginia Beach families of Jordan Marshall, 28, and Kandace Florence have been in contact with the US Embassy, ​​working to bring their bodies home and learn what led to the tragic outcome.

The longtime pals were vacationing in Mexico City with Marshall’s friend Courtez Hall from New Orleans, the TV reported.

“Losing your child is one thing, but being in a whole different country and having to maneuver language barriers, traveling and trying to get your body home, it was a lot,” Marshall’s mother, Jennifer Marshall, said. said WAVY.

A statement from a spokesperson for the US State Department, obtained by WTKR, read as follows: “We can confirm the deaths of three American citizens in Mexico. We are closely following the local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death.

The Marshalls confirmed to the TV station that Jordan’s body had been returned to Virginia, while the Florences said they would hold a candlelight vigil instead of a Kandace 29th birthday party on Thursday while waiting for the arrival of his remains.

According to WAVY, Florence’s boyfriend was on the phone with her on October 30 when she started to feel bad and told him something was wrong. After their call was disconnected, the boyfriend called the Airbnb host, asking for a welfare check, and authorities found Florence, Marshall, and Hall dead.

The causes of death of the three victims are still under investigation.

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