3 games will make a season for the New York Yankees

They’ve faced the ups and downs of 156 Major League Baseball games, hopefully played in the back of a pandemic. They withstood media criticism, as their $ 200 million payroll slipped dangerously out of the playoff image. Pundits wondered aloud whether Hal Steinbrenner would radically part ways with the firm hand of CEO Brian Cashman. Or, as most think, would Aaron Boone take the hit for his underperforming team? 3 games can answer everyone’s questions.

The New York Yankees are coming off 3 monstrous victories in Boston, including two 8th 4-point innings on Saturday and Sunday that led to comeback victories over the Red Sox. Tonight Aaron Boone and his team will seek to seal their own fate. His team must win 3 of the next 6 games, 3 from tonight in Toronto and then the last 3 at home against the Tampa Bay Rays. Granted, the Rays clinched the top spot in the American League East, but if they can knock the Yankees out of the playoffs, trust me, they’ll try.

Jameson Tailon will take to the slopes for the Pinstripes on Tuesday, followed by Gerrit Cole on Wednesday and Corey Kluber on Thursday. You could tell Boone has all of his “ducks” in a row with his pitch rotation. He does, but so does Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo. He stacks Hyan Jin Ryu, Jose Berrios, and Robbie Ray on the mound the next three nights in Toronto. The trio have 38 victories this season. It won’t be an easy task for the Yankees.

However, last weekend in Boston, the lineup came to life. Giancarlo Stanton was 7 for 12 with 3 homers and 10 RBIs. Only he can carry this team, but he’s got plenty of help as the Yankees gear up for a spot in the American League Wild Card game next Tuesday… somewhere, maybe at Yankee Stadium.

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