30 people who own a century-old house share what they look like and the most exciting discoveries in this online group

Have you ever imagined yourself living in a beautiful, old-fashioned house? Looking at her mysterious past, thinking about the people who lived there, imagining the scripts that took place right here on the site? If the answer is yes, the internet is a great place that can allow you to realize your fantasies about secrecy property.

Enter the so-called subredit House of the Century, where fans of history appreciating buildings 100 years old or older have a place to demonstrate these wonders. “We love sharing stories and looking for tips to help us be great stewards of our historic homes,” the moderators wrote in the description.

From breathtaking architecture to stunning interior details, members of this online community invite you to admire the facades and take a walk in their homes. We pass Boring Panda we’ve put together some of the most impressive and engaging photos you can rate, so keep scrolling and voting for your favorites!

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