30 times the workers stood up against their rude and possessed bosses

We were curious as to how best to respond if a heavy boss demands too much and burdens a lot of extra work for employees. The expert stressed the importance of helping the boss see priorities.

“For example, if your supervisor says you need to do A, B, and C by tomorrow, diplomatically explain that it will hurt to complete all the projects the next day because (then explain very briefly what it involves or possible negative results). . Then explain the positive benefits of an alternative approach, such as, “If I focus on Project A today, we’ll probably have a Smith account.”

“As I describe in my book, “Tame your terrible office tyrant,” it’s like telling John that he can’t go to the zoo, play a date and have pizza on the same day, for example, he’ll be sad because he won’t have fun with any of them. “Which one do you really want to have fun with, Johnny?”

Lynn explained to us why she found it helpful to create analogies between bosses and young children, as in her book. “This suggests that badly behaving bosses are very similar to angry little ones, especially when they are under stress or frustration. All mortal beings can act when we are pushed to the limit. When you know where the boss comes from, for example, stocks fell 5% that day. , your approach will be more effective, ”she said.

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