33 Best Airbnbs With Private Pools You’ll Never Want To Leave (2022)

Of all the amenities a rental home can have, a swimming pool is arguably the most fun. It is a gathering place kids, adults and grandparents alike can enjoy it, acts as a respite from crowded beaches, and adds all-day activity to the vacation roster. That you are plan a family reuniona bachelorette party or simply a weekend getaway somewhere sunny, a pool is a welcome addition — and if it’s an infinity pool or one with a hot tub, all the better.

Airbnb recently launched brand new search categories, bringing together historic homes, surf-friendly Airbnbs, and even vacation rentals with amazing pools so you can find the perfect place to visit. Using the new category “incredible swimming pools” and our own research, we’ve rounded up 33 of the best Airbnbs with private pools, whether you’re looking for a weekend rental in Southern California or finally checking off that trip to Cape Town. Even better, all of these Airbnbs are managed by Superhosts, who each have a rating of 4.8 or higher, a record of zero cancellations and a response rate of at least 90%, which means they will get back to you as soon as possible. (For even more options, we found the best hotels with private poolstoo.)

While we haven’t stayed at all of the Airbnbs featured, unless otherwise noted, these listings are verified based on Superhost status, amenities, location, previous guest reviews, and decor. This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publication date.

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