39 nice strangers who helped someone in need


“Before I knew I had severe endometriosis, I was always trying to get over my horrible symptoms. One day, I was halfway through labor when I started to feel weak. I took an outing. and I ended up in a residential area. I parked near a sidewalk and almost passed out. Once I regained my energy, I noticed people decorating a house. across the street for a party. I dragged myself home. A young man noticed me and helped me into his house, where I asked to be dropped off in the bathroom . I lay on the floor until I threw up. Moments later, a woman knocked on the bathroom door and asked me if I was okay. She brought me a drink. water and a towel for my head, then helped me put a sofa in the living room. That’s when I noticed that she was very pregnant. Her husband and stepdad were getting ready for their b aby shower that took place that day.

“The family gave me ibuprofen, nausea medication, and made sure I drank some water. The mom-to-be even grabbed my phone and called me from work, though I kept saying I had to go or I would be in big trouble. Once I felt stable enough to go home, I left. I never even got anyone’s name in it. family, and I don’t remember the area either, but they had a daughter! ”


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