4 of the top 10 high schools in Idaho are located in the Boise area

As a parent, you want your children to be exposed to the best that a public school education system has to offer. The best teachers. The best extracurricular opportunities. The best sports.

The right mix of these elements can shape your children’s personality. Looking back on our upbringing in public schools, we realized how many lessons we took as adults with us.

Picture via Google Maps

Picture via Google Maps

Sure, trips to the state track meets were fun, but that’s not what track and field has taught us. Our coach was an extraordinary woman who gave each of her athletes the same attention, regardless of their best times on the track. One of the most important lessons she taught us was to give eye contact to someone when they’re talking to you or a group you’re in. we have succeeded in a career in communications.

Eight years of orchestra? Well, that’s been invaluable in a career literally filled with music. It also taught us that hard work and practice will make you better at whatever you are trying to accomplish. Our TV class? This gave us the opportunity to do an internship in a radio station!

Female student playing guitar in high school orchestra Reading sheet music


A well-rounded high school experience can be invaluable. Teachers, extracurriculars, and sports were all factors considered by Niche.com when compiling its final ranking of the best public high schools in Idaho. Niche explains that their goal when rating schools across the country is to rate those schools on a “comprehensive experience.”

While their rankings and grades are heavily academically weighted, they take into account a school’s culture/diversity, clubs and activities, health and safety, resources and facilities, and sports . This information comes from several sources such as the US Department of Education and reports from the schools themselves. Real parent data and overall experience surveys collected from Nice users are also part of the formula.



Once they crunched all the numbers for traditional high schools in Idaho, that’s how it went.

Top 10 Best Public High Schools in Idaho

According to the ranking on Niche.com, these schools have earned the distinction of the best public high schools in the Gem State. Factors considered included academics, teachers, clubs and activities, administration, food, diversity, college readiness, health and safety, sports, and resources and facilities.

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