4 tips for the perfect holiday in your own country

Most people like to travel to distant lands, see new sights, enjoy different cultures and eat delicious foreign food. But because of COVID-19, traveling wasn’t so easy anymore. And even though the world is (almost) open and back to normal, more and more people are enjoying a great vacation in their own country. Chances are there’s still plenty to see and experience that you’ve never seen or done before. In this article, we give you 4 tips for planning the perfect vacation… in your own country!

picture by Porapak Apichodilok

From citizen to tourist

Do you know how many museums there are in your city? Or in the big city nearby? And have you ever visited them? If you’ve lived somewhere a long time, chances are you have to admit that the answer is no. Many people have barely discovered their surroundings in a cultural sense. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult the tourist guides of your city or one of the cities in your area. Why not plan a city trip with a nice hotel room, a museum visit and a visit to top-rated restaurants? Maybe there’s even a boat trip or a walking tour that you’ve always considered “touristy” and really fun! Push away the shame and enjoy being a tourist in your own country.

Go camping or book a cabin at a holiday park for your family

Speaking of holiday parks: these parks are so much fun for young and old. They often offer a range of facilities and are also often located near beautiful lakes and woodlands. For example, you can rent a cabin, or choose to go camping with the whole family like when you were a child. Imagine: you rent a van (Dutch: person in huren bus), for example a very large one for 9 people (Dutch: 9 people huren bus) and you fill the van with your favorite people, a big tent and lots of board games.

Go on a spa vacation

Everyone knows that the Szechenyi baths in Budapest are a beautiful destination to relax. Or that the Secret Lagoon in Iceland is a spa experience you will never forget. But it is also possible to spend a beautiful thermal holiday a little closer to home. You can opt for a spa hotel, to enjoy a few days away from home while relaxing your muscles and your mind in a hot tub, sauna or solarium. Or if you don’t need the whole experience, you can also Google if there are any AirBnbs or hotels that offer a private bubble bath. Often holiday parks offer these arrangements. Believe us: it’s nice to relax in warm, bubbling water after a long day!

Visit nature reserves or the coast

Do you like hiking? Or do you just want to clear your head? Each country has several natural parks that are worth admiring. Grab your hiking boots, grab a bag of supplies, and get off the couch! Go for a picnic along the coast, or take a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy your vacation at home! We hope you have an amazing time and learn a few new things about your area.

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