4 Unique Airbnbs in Toronto That Aren’t Your Average Rental

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We typically spend most of the summer trying to escape the city, opting instead for fun cabin adventures in the Ontario countryside. But with so many unique Airbnbs in Toronto right on our doorstep, you actually don’t have to leave 6ix to enjoy an amazing summer getaway.

The best part: Few of these dream rentals come as low as $90 per night.

It’s perfect when you need an economical break from the daily grind. Let’s be honest, we could probably all use one right now.

So, if it’s time for a nice summer getaway, why not visit one of these great spots in Toronto? You will never want to leave again.

Spectacular Toronto Beach House

Spectacular Toronto house on the beach.

miles | Airbnb

Price: $550/night

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: Right on the beaches of Toronto, this century-old home can be a place for you and six of your friends to relax in the water on a hot summer day. Don’t want to go out? Luckily, there’s a pool in the backyard, as well as a private hot tub that you can use at your leisure.


Darling Mansion: The Flamingo Room

Darling Mansion: The Flamingo Room.

Darling Mansion: The Flamingo Room.

tania | Airbnb

Price: $3,689/month

Address: Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: You can admire stunning murals painted by Toronto artist BirdO inside this whimsical 1888 mansion. a hoop, kimonos and a trunk to tickle until 8 p.m.


The delivery of coaches

The Coach House.

Brett | Airbnb

Price: $180/night

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Why you have to go: Get cozy in the swivel egg chair and prepare to feel like you’re floating inside a cloud in this luxury condo in the city. During your stay, you will also have access to an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and gym.


Cozy Private Studio Near Downtown

Cozy private studio near downtown.

Cozy private studio near downtown.

Lina and Paul | Airbnb

Price: $90/night

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: You swim all day in this great pool, then head to the cozy covered patio where you can dim the lights and enjoy a late-night barbecue.


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This article has been updated since it was first published on July 7, 2020.

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