5 best credit cards for investors

The M1 Owner’s Rewards Card offers generous investment rewards to account holders who spend money where they are already investing. The card offers a flat-rate 1.5% cash back on all purchases, but it offers significant benefits to owners of select businesses. The rewards are split into three tiers, paying out 2.5%, 5%, and 10% cash back if account holders own shares in these companies. For example, if you own stock in AMC, Netflix, or Bath & Body Works theaters, or nine other companies, you will earn 10% on your purchases at those companies. Examples of companies at the 5% level include Chipotle, United Airlines, and the TJ Maxx family of companies, while popular names at the 2.5% level include Apple, Amazon, and Costco. The card has an annual fee of $ 95, but these are waived for those with the M1 Plus premium account, which is free the first year but $ 125 per year thereafter.

You can earn a whopping 2% cash back on all your purchases with the Fidelity card with no annual fee, making it one of the best cash back cards available. While other competing cards often have specific categories that you need to earn higher rewards, Fidelity pays this fixed 2% cash back rate on everything you buy. Your rewards are automatically deposited into your Fidelity account, so you must have one open to get this card. But by depositing your money into a Fidelity investment account, you could end up earning even more on that reward money over time.

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