5 game-changing stocks that can turn $ 5,000 into $ 50,000 (or more) by 2035

OIn the long term, the stock market is a proven creator of wealth. Despite 38 double-digit percentage corrections since the early 1950s, the benchmark S&P 500 put each of those declines firmly in the rearview mirror. What this tells us is that if investors let their thesis unfold over time, they have a very good chance of making money.

But why settle for market-matched returns when you can buy game-changing stocks that have the potential to circle around the S&P 500? If you have $ 5,000 ready to invest, which won’t be necessary to pay bills or cover an emergency, the five game-changing stocks could turn your initial investment into $ 50,000 (or more) by 2035.

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Biotechnology actions are often at the forefront of innovation. Although this is only a clinical stage drug developer, at the moment, Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) has all the necessary tools to become a major player in the drug field by 2035.

As you may have guessed, Novavax made the buzz for its 2019 investigational coronavirus disease vaccine (COVID-19), NVX-CoV2373. In a British study published in March, this vaccine generated a vaccine efficacy (VE) of 89.7%. Three months later, data from the US / Mexico Phase 3 study were reported, giving an EV of 90.4%.

This two-dose regimen appears to be very effective and safe, and could potentially disrupt both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & johnson COVID-19 vaccines in developed markets. Novavax will likely obtain emergency use authorization in the US, UK and Europe in the coming months.

The rise of COVID-19 variants also paves the way for Novavax to become an essential supplier of boosters. The company’s drug development platform is designed in such a way that Novavax is expected to be one of the first to market variant-specific booster vaccines. It is also in the early stages of work on a combined influenza / COVID-19 vaccine. There are endless possibilities for combination vaccines, which makes Novavax an intriguing gamble to significantly grow investor pips over the next 14 years.

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The original bark company

While small cap stocks can be hit and miss, The original bark company (NYSE: BARK) could be a portfolio superstar for the next decade and beyond. As the name suggests, Bark offers its products and services to dogs.

Few industries are recession-proof, but the pet industry has more or less shown that he belongs to this group. It has been at least a quarter of a century since pet-related spending in the United States has declined year-over-year, and the number of pet-owning households in the United States has increased over several decades. . The owners will spend a lot of money on the welfare of their furry family members.

What makes Bark so interesting is its online subscription approach. Although it sells its products in approximately 23,000 outlets nationwide, only 10% of its sales come from in-store commerce. The remaining 90% comes from monthly subscription services. The benefit is predictable cash flow, better brand loyalty, and most importantly, lower overhead costs. Unsurprisingly, Bark has consistently produced a juicy gross margin of around 60%.

The bark is also leverage innovation and data to drive growth. The introduction of Bark Eats should be particularly successful. Bark Eats works with owners to develop a personalized dry diet for their dog.

With sales expected to triple over the next five years, Bark is a good bet to recoup the best market returns for investors.

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Planet 13 Holdings

Chances are good that when you think about marijuana stocks, you don’t think of anything innovative or revolutionary. After all, cannabis is just a plant. However, the multistate operator (MSO) Planet 13 Holdings (OTC: PLNH.F) demonstrates that pot stocks can offer game-changing differentiation.

While most American MSOs plant their proverbial flags in as many legalized markets as possible, Planet 13 has chosen to develop its limited number of stores into a true cannabis experience. Its flagship SuperStore in Las Vegas spans 112,000 square feet and includes a consumer fulfillment center, event stage, restaurant and plentiful retail space. Meanwhile, its Santa Ana, Calif. Location will expand to 55,000 square feet when completed and feature more than 16,000 square feet of retail space. No other dispensary compares to the experience offered by Planet 13.

If the company is able to translate its success and the lessons learned in Nevada into other tourism markets, we could see the birth of a cannabis superstar. After the Orange County store opened in Santa Ana on July 1, Planet 13 announced that it had obtained a license in Chicago and planned to enter the Miami and Orlando, Florida markets.

With Planet 13 on the cusp of recurring profitability, now is the time for long-term investors to leapfrog.

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Another stock with the potential for change that could turn an investment of $ 5,000 into $ 50,000 or more by 2035 is the gaming platform. Skillz (NYSE: SKLZ).

Admittedly, the gaming space is very competitive, expensive and crowded. Rather than taking on some of the industry’s biggest players on the development front, Skillz has chosen to develop a platform that allows mobile gamers to compete against each other for cash prizes. Skillz and the developer of a game both keep some of the money, with the rest going to the winner.

What’s particularly intriguing about Skillz is how much the company is converting players to the paying side of the equation. After the quarter ended in March, Skillz announced that it had 467,000 monthly paying users, or 17% of its gaming base. In comparison, the industry’s average pay-to-play conversion rate is only around 2%. That’s doubly impressive when you factor in that Skillz maintains a gross margin of 95%.

At the moment, Skillz is losing quite a bit of money as it increases its workforce, stimulates marketing and aims to make targeted acquisitions. But if the meteoric growth of the company continues and it is able to maintain its much higher pay-to-play conversion rate while at the same time forge new partnerships, Skillz could be a big winner for patient investors.

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One final game-changing company that could bring life-changing earnings to investors is the Accommodation and Stay Platform. Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB).

As you can imagine, Airbnb’s hosting platform was blinded by the pandemic in 2020. But what’s really important here is to understand that bookings quintupled in the three years leading up to the pandemic. Although Airbnb devotes a portion of its capital to marketing, the vast majority of its users find it organically or by referral.

What else, the fastest growing category of the company are long-term stays, which are defined as stays of 28 days or more. This demonstrates the rigidity of the platform and the likelihood of accommodation becoming a sustainable lifestyle choice once the pandemic is over.

Of course, Airbnb isn’t just the go-to hosting platform. The introduction of Experiences a few years ago marks the company’s attempt to infiltrate all aspects of travel. By partnering with local experts to lead adventures, Airbnb opens the door to other partnerships that could involve transportation, food, and more.

We are probably seeing the birth of a real disruptor with Airbnb, which gives it a good chance of making big money for investors in the long run.

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