5 of Massachusetts’ Top 10 Airbnbs are located in the Berkshires

An outdoor travel and lifestyle brand has named Massachusetts Top Ten Airbnbs and five of the picks are located in the Berkshires.

We know the short term rental marker in the Berkshires is hot, hot, hot. Despite the cold temperatures on the horizon, visitors from all over the world continue to flock to our corner of the state to experience all of the natural beauty we have to offer.

Territory Supply, which its website says is on a mission to help its readers embark on unforgettable travel experiences

We offer some of the best places to stay and explore in the United States and beyond, and adventure is in our DNA.

Highlighting the diverse scenery Massachusetts has to offer in such a small area, the travel blog has compiled a list of the best short-term rentals Bay State has to offer. The top ten and HALF of the list are rental properties located right here in Berkshire County.

Not to mention most short term rental properties in the Berkshires, everything from rustic to luxurious, are usually a fraction of the price of a Beacon Hill or Cape Cod rental.

Check out the five localized selections that made the top ten which are all located here in the Berkshires, brought to you by Territory Supply.

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