5 Spanish startups that can become unicorns in 2022

It looks like the record VC levels of 2021 (more than 4 billion euros in 400 operations) are not going to stop this year. An insatiable thirst for startups is transforming the world as we know it.

2021 has seen the birth of at least 10 Spanish unicorns and the country is getting used to the idea of ​​valuations over $1 billion. It was only in the first days of 2022 that Spain got their first: Travel Perk. We recently analyzed how this travel-related startup weathered the pandemic and reached a $1 billion valuation.

In addition to that, multiple voices in the startup industry say that Spain could have 10 more unicorns this year and probably 20 in the next two years. For now, we’d like to highlight 5 Spanish startups that are very likely to join the unicorn club in 2022.

Cap-hunting is a fintech that helps SaaS companies fund the growth of their operations with cash tied up in future monthly payments. The company was founded in 2020 by Ignatius Moreno, Przemek Gotfryd, Luis Basagoitiand Miguel Fernandez and is based in New York, USA.

Already in 2021, Capchase raised 400 million euros between debt and equity. In just one year, he managed to make $800 million in funding available to founders in Europe and the United States.

Capchase is one of the most innovative Spanish startups of the moment. With it, other startups can get money with lower interest rates compared to banks, in exchange for compromising a percentage of their revenue to pay off debt.

The idea can be summarized in “I lend you money and you give me a percentage of your future sales”. Capchase is riding the wave of growth of other internet startups.

Based in Barcelona Colvinan online flower marketplace, recently received the Best Startup of the Year award from Esade Alumni and BStartup, from Banc Sabadell.

In 2020, Colvin sent over 10 million flowers and expanded his team to 200 people. In July 2021, it raised €45m in a Series C funding round led by French fund Eurazeo, which is also an investor in Glovo.

Colvin is present in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and recently they entered the French market by acquiring Mr Margaret.

Its plans for 2022 are to focus on B2B as an engine of growth and to consolidate the markets in which they are located.

Civitatis is a distribution platform for Spanish-speaking activities, day trips and guided tours around the world, with more than 4,500 activities in more than 300 destinations worldwide. The startup was founded by Alberto Gutierreza young 35-year-old entrepreneur who combined his travel experiences and his passion for the internet to create a successful model.

Passionate, ambitious and extremely concerned with offering the best experiences to its customers, since its creation in 2008, Civitatis has grown and today has more than one million satisfied customers. Civitatis recently entered into an alliance with Guruit to reach more than one million international students. The idea is to target the digital infrastructure of Spanish university tourism with more than 600 activities.

AI Clarity is a technology company that defines itself as the first societal impact rating agency that offers a software solution to investors to optimize the societal impact of their investment portfolios. The criteria followed by Clarity AI are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in order to rate organizations. The information is transmitted to decision-makers in order to evaluate more socially responsible investments.

Part of Clarity AI’s mission is to understand and optimize the social and environmental impact of capital. This so-called sustainable fintech was founded by Rebecca Minguelaconsidered by the World Economic Forum as one of the 2017 Young Global Leaders.

As of December 2021, the startup was valued at $450 million, having raised $50 million in its last funding round, which closed in August 2021. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 led the round and was joined by the Fifth Wall ClimateTech Fund, as well as existing investors – BlackRock among them. Private contributor Sir Jonathan Ive, former Chief Design Officer at Apple, also contributed to the round.

Character shape is a web-based platform that lets anyone build anything from surveys to apps without writing a single line of code. The startup explains what it does by saying it makes gathering and sharing information comfortable and conversational. Typeform was founded in 2021 by David Okuniev and Robert Munoz, both from arts and design. This is perhaps one of the secrets of why their platform makes it easy to create surveys, job applications, and other online forms for business and casual users. Typeform’s software is used to produce everything from procedural forms to surveys and quizzes.

Recently, he said that 2% of the world’s population uses one of the Typeform tools. Brands like Apple, Airbnb, Uber or Nike have used it. Typeform already has over 120,000 paid subscriptions.

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