5 things to know before traveling to Cartagena de Indias

You really don’t have to think about it a lot. Traveling to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, is not traveling halfway around the world. On the contrary, it is a destination relatively close to the United States (live it’s about an hour and a half by flight from Miami), but where you can find the perfect atmosphere and the liveliest people to enjoy. of a Caribbean paradise and, at the same time, a journey through time thanks to the historical wealth that it possesses and which has earned it to be considered as cultural and intangible heritage of UNESCO.

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The first thing you need to prepare for your trip to this extraordinary city is your passport, an essential condition for entering Colombian territory, as well as a comfortable suitcase that allows you, upon arrival in Colombia, to explore many more. destinations that will amaze you with the great diversity of landscapes, climates and cultures that can be found near Cartagena and other parts of Colombia that can be reached by flights of less than an hour.

Here are the five things to know before Cartagena and Colombia seduce you with their boundless charms.

1. Language

The official language of Colombia and Cartagena is Spanish, so it’s a great place to practice or learn it from scratch at several specialist schools for people arriving from abroad.

Likewise, since it is a sought-after tourist destination, many of its inhabitants, especially those linked to the travel and entertainment industry, are fluent in English and even other languages ​​such as French, Italian and German.

2. Currency

One of the big draws of Cartagena and Colombia right now, in general, especially for travelers from the United States and Europe, is its excellent conversion rate when exchanging dollars or d euros against the local currency, which is the peso. Although the representative market rate, RMR, may vary, at present a dollar equals just over 3,700 COP.

In Cartagena and other tourist places in Colombia, you can pay both in pesos and in US dollars or euros (even some operators prefer it this way). The important thing is to make sure, before starting the transaction, that the place where you are located accepts payments in foreign currencies.

3. Vaccines

Let us remember that we are still going through a period of a pandemic, which is why it would be ideal for you to travel, to any destination in the world, with your complete COVID-19 vaccination program. However, this vaccine is not mandatory to enter Colombia and the only thing that is required, according to the Ministry of Health, is to “report your state of health, your origin, your recent contact with suspected cases of coronavirus. Likewise, you must provide your national contact number and the address where you will be staying in the country.

For its part, the yellow fever vaccine, which should be applied 10 days before travel, is only necessary if you are going to travel to places such as Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park, Tayrona Park ( destinations near Cartagena) or in the Amazon. Region.

4. The best time to travel to Cartagena and Colombia

Due to its strategic geographical location, Colombia has a wonderful set of thermal soils that give this country different types of climates and landscapes, keeping only two seasons during the year, which are considered to be rainy seasons. or drought. What does it mean? That you can travel at any time of the year and that you will surely find the best conditions to spend your best holidays.

Unfortunately, the consequences of global warming can be seen anywhere on the planet, but so far Colombia has one of the most stable climates in the region, more than enough reason to find the perfect opportunity. to visit it at any time.

5. Where to stay?

Although it sounds like an advertisement, in Cartagena there is accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. From exclusive international hotel brands with luxury suites to stay in the historic center or in the modern Bocagrande, to private or shared rooms in comfortable hostels or private houses via the Airbnb platform. We cannot leave aside the extraordinary options that you can find to spend several nights by the sea, in incredible spaces surrounded by the immense biodiversity and the amazing landscapes of the Corales del Rosario and the San Bernardo National Natural Park. .

Many people who plan to visit the city for one or two weeks end up staying there for up to three months, so it is important to have all the options, as you can spend a week in a 5 star hotel and then, to save, you can stay with a family in Cartagena to learn a little more about their culture and their peculiarities.

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What are you waiting for? All you need is your passport and your savings for a few months to travel to your next favorite destination. An ideal place to get away for a weekend; an ideal destination to spend vacations, live unique experiences and do business; a natural paradise and a historical heritage that you will never get tired of; Finally, don’t forget the great investment opportunities and make this place your oasis to escape the routine and the hustle and bustle.

Cartagena and Colombia are waiting for you. Don’t take too long.

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