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As the business world becomes more and more connected, brands are able to expand beyond their borders and offer services to consumers around the world. This interconnection has allowed some brands to gain popularity, increasing their value to tens of billions of dollars.

In fact, there are 50 brands in the world that are each worth over $ 30 billion. These brands, many of which are sometimes owned by a single company, span the gamut of technological software and hardware, including banks, large retailers, car manufacturers, and more.

To determine the 50 most valuable brands in the world, 24/7 Wall St. examined the Global 500 2021 brand financing ranking, an independent branding and strategy consulting firm that ranks brands based on license value and future revenue.

The top 50 brands are primarily located in two countries – the United States is home to 22 and 16 are located in China. Germany and Japan are the only two other countries to have multiple entries on the list. While Chinese companies often owe a large part of their success to being state-owned in addition to having easy access to the world’s largest consumer bases, companies in other countries benefit from a large consumer base who also tend to be relatively wealthy. They are the richest countries in the world.

Of the 50 most valued brands, 13 are in the tech industry, more than any other industry. Phones and computers were already occupying an increasingly important place in everyday life by 2020, but many tech brands have seen their sales increase thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have equipped their employees with devices that allow them to work from home, and e-commerce has grown in popularity. Almost all of the tech brands ranked among the world’s most valued brands saw their value increase significantly from 2020 to 2021.

However, other industries that frequently appear on the list of top-valued brands did not fare as well in 2020. The value of one of the world’s most valuable banking brands has plummeted due to the global financial crisis induced by COVID-19. Automakers and oil and gas suppliers have also seen massive reductions in demand, and many of those brand values ​​have fallen by more than 10%.

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