6 dog-friendly Airbnbs near Montreal to rent with your furry best friend this summer

Every time I go I always miss my dog, that’s how it goes. Dogs are more than just pets, they are four-legged criminal partners. And, sometimes it’s nice to just get away and be able to take them with them on the trip. This summer, why not visit one of the many dog-friendly Airbnbs near Montreal so you can take your best four-legged friend with you?

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If you need a getaway and can’t find a dog sitter, or just want to take your dog on an adventure with you, this list is one you’re going to want to take a look at.

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There are a ton of homes available for rent that will allow you to bring your dog, making this a truly perfect escape from the city.

And, it also allows you and your pet to spend time outside the house while enjoying nature.

All over Quebec and Ontario, you can drive and stay in so many cool places with your dog.

And, if you haven’t had time to research all of the listings, you may want to check out the following places that specified “Pets Allowed” that we’ve found for you.

Beautiful house in Ontario


Where: Calabogie, Ontario

Cost: $ 104 / night

This big house is light and airy and best of all it’s super clean. You and your friends, as well as your dog, can enjoy a little getaway in this beautiful house surrounded by nature.

The Airbnb host wrote “family-friendly pets to consider,” so be sure to chat with them before you book.

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Rustic House In The Middle Of Nature


Where: Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, Quebec

Cost: $ 45 / night

If you and your dog are both looking for an adventure full of nature, then you’ll want to spend some time in this cozy, rustic home.

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Hobbit House


Where: Nominigue, Quebec

Cost: $ 178 / night

I am always looking for unique experiences to share with those I love and staying in a hobbit house with my dog ​​feels like a dream come true.

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Nice little house


Where: Hudson, Quebec

Cost: $ 125 / night

This quaint property will make an ideal stay with or without your dog. But, let’s face it, it would be a lot more special with your dog by your side as well.

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Mini house ideal for a mini dog


Where: Lac-Beauport, Quebec

Cost: $ 115 / night

If you have a small dog like me then this immaculate little house is a great place for you.

The size might not be impressive, but the stylish decor and the comfort of being surrounded by nature will surely make it a stay to remember.

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Adorable place near Old Quebec


Where: Quebec, Quebec

Cost: $ 171 / night

Located near Old Quebec, this place will provide you and your 4-legged best friend with a cool and fun place to spend the weekend.

And, it will give both of you the chance to explore Quebec City with each other.

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These prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at the time of posting, but may change at any time.

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