6 Insane Airbnbs Your Favorite Celebrity Has Likely Been To

Airbnb has always been a popular alternative for us regulars looking to relax by a beach or enjoy the seclusion of the mountains. But who knew celebrities were using the same booking platform as us? If you have ever dreamed of living the luxurious life of Mariah Carey or Prince Harry, now is your chance.

Grab your wallet and get ready to live and splurge like a celebrity with these insane Airbnbs that were once home to a few famous names.

An opulent Toronto mansion

Whether you’re a Bieber fan or not, they have style when it comes to the vacation homes they choose. For her 20th birthday, the model rented this magnificent Toronto mansion which offers incredible views of the city skyline and contemporary decor. If you come to Canada in the near future and are willing to pay R 59,000 per night, you too can live like Hailey Bieber.

Live like Mariah Carey

Celebrity Airbnb_4

The rich and famous have always flocked to Malibu in an attempt to ‘relax’, and this lavish Mediterranean villa is the perfect place for our favorite singer – Mariah Carey. The property is right on the beach, so expect some spectacular sunsets. It is also a short distance from a few famous places, including Nobu and Malibu Pier. French doors, gourmet kitchen, indoor / outdoor Jacuzzi spa, and luxurious fireplace are all features that no celebrity would dare to be without.

Live like a royal

Celebrity Airbnb_3

Not all royals insist that their vacation homes be a secluded castle, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed us with this luxurious yet simple Airbnb. Tromvik Lodge is located in an idyllic location and offers incredible panoramic views of the ocean and the Northern Lights. For just R6000 per night, not only will you be able to enjoy unique views, but you will experience what it is like to live like a member of the British Royal Family.

BHollywood to Hollywood

Celebrity Airbnb_2

If you are a big fan of Bollywood then this one is for you. Located in the affluent suburb of Beverly Hills, this “Palatial Villa” was once the vacation home of Shah Rukh Khan. This home includes all of the features you would expect to find in a celebrity house, including a sprawling pool, eye-catching chandeliers, and opulent decor. Just steps from Rodeo Drive, you can grab this property for just R48,000 per night.

Enjoy strumming your guitar with this tropical rental

Celebrity Airbnb_1

Whatever your musical tastes, there is one thing everyone agrees on: Jimi Hendrix is ​​a musical legend. So when they say you can rent the adorable cottage he’s already played a few tunes in, you bet we’re on the front line. Located in Makawao, Hawaii, this is the location he chose when filming Rainbow bridge. The property is aptly named Adorable garden gingerbread house, and it is the perfect space for a romantic getaway or a little refuge in nature. The best part? You will only have to spend 3000 R per night to enjoy this charming tropical paradise.

Enjoy life as a movie star

Celebrity Airbnbs

Zendaya has conquered the hearts and minds of the world, and now you can live like the Spider Man actress, even if it’s only for one night. Located in Rio de Janeiro, this $ 18 million villa already hosted the young star in 2016. It offers incredible features, including an infinity pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and incredible ocean views.


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