6 Unique Indy Airbnb Rentals You Didn’t Know Existed

In May, we told you that visitors to the sold-out 100th race of the Indianapolis 500 were paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for accommodation in Indy through Airbnb.

Many took this as a sign that it was time to put their house, apartment, condo, couch, bottom bunk, or basement up for rent on the couch surfing site, and most still remain. With more choices, the diversity of crash pads has reached an all-time high.

Here are six unique Airbnb spots you probably didn’t know existed:

1. The $9,900-a-night lake view mansion.

Or: 8816 Waterside Drive.

How much: $9,900 a night for the whole house. Owner Vern Samuels said he made $38,000 during race weekend and was able to choose from 10 offers during that time. “We want someone who really cares about the type of house they live in,” he said. “It seems a bit ridiculous to pay this, but people do.”

How is it : The house is full 10-15% of the time, Samuel said, but he’s ok with that: he lives there and stays in another house when he has guests. “It’s very unique,” he said. “There’s no one behind. It feels like you have a view of the lake. It’s just beautiful.”

Where you can find it: www.airbnb.com/rooms/13045413

2. The “fraternity of artists” on the theme “Wonderland”.

Or: 5901 E. University Ave.

How much: $18 a night for a private room. It will be more if you want to experience live actors “to work as Wonderland characters,” owner and artist Greg Hatcher said, but the entertainment part has yet to be fully developed. “I’m really humble about it to begin with,” he said. “It’s a working project.”

How is it : “It’s designed as a growing, interactive art exhibit medium, where everything is Wonderland-themed,” Hatcher said. “It’s a fan fiction spin-off.” Hatcher drives a truck for his day job and hand-painted murals in many rooms. The listing advertises “maid service” with French maids, but there’s “no charge for silly fake accents.” He said as soon as he opened the room he got takers.

“It was pretty much an instant hit.”

Where you can find it:www.airbnb.com/rooms/13709757

3. The high-end four-story masculine nod to Indy.

Or: 1529 N. Alabama St.

How much: $500 a night for the whole hotel.

How is it : This rare 2,800 square foot, four story condo is a living advertisement for Catering equipment and owned by Kris Scrimager, who works in medical sales. The finished basement has a 110 inch movie room. “I wanted the ’50 Shades of Grey’ look. I wanted it to be very masculine and very classy,” Scrimager said. Throughout the condo you’ll find tributes to Indy, through artwork, framed jerseys and more. The building itself, sandwiched between handyman street and Foundry arrangements, is unassuming but has great views from its private patio. “Nobody would know people were living in there,” Scrimager said.

Where you can find it:www.airbnb.com/rooms/12830754

4. The 1956 Mid-Century Modern Home, Papa-O.

Or: 2702 Crystal Drive.

How much: $110-120 a night for the whole house.

How is it : When Joel Weyrick saw how many rooms and houses were going to cost on race weekend, he listed his 1,200 square foot mid-century modern home and never took it down. “We made $500 with that,” he said. The house is unique, he said, because its butterfly roof was created before the style became popular, and it’s not common outside of Florida.

Where you can find it: www.airbnb.com/rooms/13184844

5. The historic downtown mansion with a murderous past

Or: 275 East Street.

How much: $249 for a private room.

How is it : This historic home was built by Warren Tate as a retirement home in 1890, owner Tom Gaunt said. Tate had a bit of a temper — he was nicknamed “War” Tate — and he shot and killed an appraiser in 1858. It was this incident that caught HGTV’s attention. “If these walls could talk.” Gaunt and his wife, empty nests, restored the house. “We really consider ourselves custodians of the house and want to leave it better than we received it,” Gaunt said. “We want to share it with the community and find out how they could have lived, used the house.”

Where you can find it:www.airbnb.com/rooms/13146977

6. The chic fully automated downtown condo.

Or: 802 N. Meridian.

How much: $249 per night for the entire condo.

How is it : You, literally, don’t have to lift a finger inside this condo. “It’s all keyless, switchless, fully automated,” said owner Beth Chappo. “Everything is controlled with an iPad.” The condo was renovated earlier this year and “the sound system is unlike anything you’ve ever heard,” she said. Chappo, a fashion blogger, intends to incorporate more art into interior design.

Where you can find it: www.airbnb.com/rooms/13012397

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