7 cheap Airbnbs chalets less than 3 hours from Montreal to rent this summer

When it comes to looking for a chalet to stay in, there are a few important factors that I always consider. The first being that the place is affordable and the second being that it is not too far from Montreal – especially if I plan to go there just for the weekend. Quebec is full of inexpensive Airbnb chalets less than three hours from Montreal that will allow you to have the most relaxing and fun vacations, without having to break the bank.

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When I’m looking to get away for the weekend, I also always look for a clean place that exudes charm, something that’s not too hard to find in Quebec.

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I’ll be honest, it took me a few years of traveling to really appreciate all that our province has to offer.

And this summer, due to all the travel restrictions, it’s nice to know that I can explore this amazing province a bit more.

Even if you can’t take a lot of time away from work, being able to get away from it all on weekends, cool off and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Quebec is truly a gift.

From beachfront properties to homes surrounded by nature, there is truly something for everyone in our province.

Tree house


Where: Amherst, Quebec

Price per night: $ 32.50 / person if you are four people

If you want to be surrounded by nature without having to stray too far from Montreal, this epic-looking treehouse may be the place for you.

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Beautiful Canadian style home


Where: Saint-Eustache, Quebec

Price per night: $ 16.50 / person if you are nine people

If you want to get out of town, yet still be close enough for shopping and dining, you might want to take a peek into this historic Canadian home.

Equipped with an outdoor fireplace and a swimming pool, the only problem with this place is you may never want to leave again.

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Total peace of mind


Where: Brownsburg, Quebec

Price per night: $ 47.50 / person if you are four people

If you are looking for a place that offers total peace and serenity, without the need to travel too far, this adorable home is a great option for you.

Located just an hour from Montreal, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a new world by staying in this peaceful home.

Historic home near Montreal


Where: Château-Richer, Quebec

Price per night: $ 31.25 / person if you are four people

If you are a fan of the charm and warmth of yesteryear, this is a place that calls for you.

Not only is this place brimming with charm, it’s within walking distance of a grocery store and a delicious restaurant.

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Zen house


Where: Saint-Sauveur, Quebec

Price per night: $ 28.50 / person if you are four people

Saint Sauveur is a popular Montreal getaway because it offers a combination of relaxation and city life.

This charming home has everything you need and more when it comes to a great place to disconnect.

There is even an indoor swing, which is just super cool.

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Magnificent Villa


Where: Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Price per night: $ 34 / person if you are six people

If you want to get by with a crew of six, this is one place you’ll want to explore.

From the beautiful balconies to the charming atmosphere of the house, this place will give you the illusion of being miles from Montreal.

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Colorful house full of character


Where: Val-Morin, Quebec

Price per night: $ 57.50 / person if you are two people

There is something to be said about a colorful house, and this house is just that.

From the moment you park, you’ll instantly feel in a good mood, which is what you expect from a vacation home.

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