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(WSVN) – From real estate scams to allegations of sexual harassment at a Broward workplace, 7 Investigates has spent the year digging into the issues facing South Florida. 7’s Kevin Ozebek looks back on what he and his team discovered in 2020.

In 2020, the pandemic did not prevent us from chasing the answers.

Kevin Ozebek: “Chris, can we tell you about those text messages you sent?”

7 Investigating allegations of sexual harassment against Pembroke Park supervisor Chris McKine, who was accused of sending pornographic images to an employee on his city-issued cell phone.

Chris McKine: “Yes, I regretted everything I did.”

After our story, the case against him was settled and McKine lost his job.

We saw how Lauderhill’s Tim Ahlborg endured homophobic slurs.

Richard Ross, neighbor: “[Expletive] Timothy.”

Tim Ahlborg: “Thank you, Richard. “

Richard Ross: “You’re welcome, [expletive]. “

Tim Ahlborg: “Yes.”

From a neighbor who lived in his condo complex.

Tim Ahlborg: “I’m actually recording you now. “

But Tim was even more confused when he called the police and the officer didn’t file a report.

Tim Ahlborg: “I was very angry.

Lauderhill Police finally filed this report after 7 investigations started to ask questions.

This year, we met Jennifer Willis.

Jennifer Willis: “I couldn’t breathe. I was – I’m sorry.

She fell into the trap of a work-from-home scam after being put on leave during the pandemic.

Jennifer received two checks and was told to cash them and send the money to certified office supply suppliers.

Jennifer Willis: “The money was cleared, so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.”

But the checks and vendors were wrong, and Jennifer had to pay $ 9,000.

While she didn’t get a single dime back, on the bright side, Jennifer tells us that she resumed one of her two part-time jobs, but admits it will take a long time to pay the money back. .

We also looked at the double disaster in the Bahamas, battling both COVID-19 and the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Ed Stroebel, Hope 4 Hope Town: “Imagine going through this whole pandemic without running water to wash your hands. “

We investigated a second public health crisis unfolding in Key Largo.

Jennifer Jones, dengue survivor: “It’s literally like your eyes are trying to rip your head off.”

Dozens of people were falling seriously ill from a dengue epidemic.

Leonardo Bello, dengue survivor: “I just got to the point where I could barely walk. Your feet start to peel, like falling skin.

Ernie Young contacted 7 Investigates after learning that her new owner was not who she claimed to be.

Ernie Young: “It was an Airbnb that she rented and was selling on the Internet like hers.”

Fort Lauderdale Police say Britnee Theiss tricked Ernie. She disappeared, until Detective Jesse Gossman spotted her during spring break.

He identified Britnee by posting our report on his phone.

Detective Jesse Gossman, Fort Lauderdale Police: “She made the headlines for the Airbnb thing. “

And we asked for answers after a dream trip turned into a nightmare.

Batuka Williams, Hadley Park senior: “I need this money, especially right now. “

Members of a group of seniors at Charles Hadley Park paid around $ 2,000 each for an Alaska cruise in 2018. Months later, park manager and city of Miami employee Antavius Howell, told them the trip had been canceled.

Charlean Cobb, Hadley Park Sr.: “We’ve all been heartbroken, but he said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get our money, we’ll get our money back. “

Howell died unexpectedly this year without returning any money. A city spokeswoman tells us she can’t comment until Miami Police complete the investigation.

Charlean Cobb, Hadley Park senior: “Shame on you! Two to three thousand dollars. It’s a lot of money so that no one says anything.

This police investigation is continuing, but after seeing our story, a local business is now stepping in to get extra money for these elderly people for Christmas. We’ll bring you the holiday update for these 7 surveys on Christmas Eve at 10 p.m. right here on the 7th.

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