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As travel has ceased since last year, a single isolated Airbnb is all you need to make up for anything you’ve missed over time.

From castles to tree houses, there are many places around the world offering a unique and memorable experience that will raise your rooftop travel counter.

Take into account everyone’s wishes Emirati woman curated the perfect guide to where to stay in the world while giving you all the travel inspiration you need.

Campera Hotel, Mexico

The unique space is surrounded by vineyards under five million stars redefining the glamping experience in the region with twelve distinguished bubbles allowing you to connect with nature, making it the ideal place for travelers with fascinating 180 degree views. With its own air-conditioning with private bathroom, on-site facilities include concierge services, sunset dinners, gift shop, room service, and wine tasting experience. State-of-the-art bubbles are immersed in the Valley of Guadalupe, Mexico’s most famous wine country, surrounded by vineyards and restaurants, making it unique in North America, starting at Dhs 791 per night.

For more information visit camperahotel.com or to book a visit airbnb.ae

Camaya Bali Lotus in Bali

To escape the crowded cities and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lush green rice terraces, this Lotus bamboo house is designed for all nature lovers who wish to be fully immersed in their surroundings and discover the remote areas of Bali. Located in Karangasem Regency, a 90-minute drive from Ubud and two hours from the international airport, this secluded location is perfect for showing guests the real Bali, it starts at Dhs704 per night.

For more information visit camayabali.com or to book a visit airbnb.ae

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The Fox House in Portugal

Discover the luxury of lush landscapes and the joy of colorful gardens, as this unique experience awakens your senses by offering a balance between nature and well-being. From comfort to refreshing surroundings, this property includes an exquisite dinner of traditional gastronomy and nature for biking or walking in the mountains overlooking the starry sky. From 3 199 Dhs per night, this concept brings space to life.

For more information visit thefoxhouse.pt or to book a visit airbnb.ae

Airship 002 in Scotland

This durable getaway is a comfortably insulated aluminum capsule designed by Roderick James, with sparkling constellations under a cozy tartan blanket with a quirky atmosphere for all of its guests with a double-glazed window for added protection. With a roof designed to collect rainwater, it is equipped with photovoltaic panels that electrify the cabin, from 801 Dhs per night.

To make a visit reservation airbnb.com

Belongil Salt Byron Bay in Australia

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this sophisticated Airbnb which is a 50-meter walk from the famous Belongil Beach, located near the bustling city center of Byron. From a bright and airy space, with a beautiful large wooden deck on the terrace, this property is located with all the essentials and much more to relax for a few days. The Airbnb starts at Dhs 1,026 per night and is located in New South Wales, Australia.

To make a visit reservation airbnb.com

ALQalaa Lodge in the United Arab Emirates

Whether you are a hiker, an artist or just looking for a break from the bustling city life, this unique haven is set amongst farms, mountains and nature giving you the true authentic lifestyle of the eastern region of the United Arab Emirates, with well-maintained facilities in Fujairah. Guests also enjoy access to the farm from the top of the mountain with a private plunge pool.

To make a visit reservation airbnb.ae

Lispida Castle in Italy

Located in the magnificent 19th century mansion, the Castello di Lispida is a great place to relax with tastefully furnished rooms and elegant design offering all modern comforts. With a thermal bath including hot springs, this therapeutic property offers world-famous mud therapy as well as pools of hot thermal water with delicious natural wines at the bar. Located within the property, this venue starts at Dhs1,377 per night.

For more information visit lispida.com or to make a reservation visit airbnb.ae

Before traveling to a destination, make sure all travel restrictions in the midst of COVID-19 are checked in advance for each country.

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