7 thriller movies and shows filmed in Georgia

Georgia has become a popular location for Hollywood movies in recent years, thanks to the region’s striking topography (and state tax breaks). It turns out that many movies and TV shows filmed in Atlanta are tied to vampires, zombies, mass murderers, and other general post-apocalyptic horrors (yikes!). So during the Halloween countdown, grab your popcorn and rewatch these seven spooky movies and TV shows, then get in the car and explore the various sites around Georgia where they were filmed.

Friday the 13th: Part VI – Jason Lives

You must beware! Jason Voorhees is resurrected in this sixth edition of the “Friday the 13th” series. The film is set in several cities in Georgia, including Madison, Covingtonand Rutledgewhich serve as various locations at Camp Crystal Lake/Forest Green from the film.

Halloween 2

Watch out for Michael Myers at these filming locations where the 2009 version of “Halloween II” was filmed. Many crucial scenes were filmed in the town of Covington, County Newton, including the historic town square, as well as Douze Chênes Bed and Breakfast. Moreover, the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead is another prominent venue scene. Other small towns in Georgia that served as filming locations include Madison, New born and Oxford.

Cry 2

Agnes Scott College and Georgia Institute of Technology can both be scary when it comes to their difficulty levels, but “Scream 2” takes the scare factor of both universities to a whole new level. Both school campuses were the site of Windsor College, the site of several murders by Ghostface’s return while attending Sidney Prescott.

stranger things

Atlanta and surrounding Georgia cities (including jackson and saw palmetto) became known as ’80s Hawkins, Indiana. In Atlanta, the now-defunct Gwinnett Place Mall was the location of the Starcourt Mall, the main mall in the third season of the series, while the Hawkins laboratory is located at Briarcliff Campus of Emory University and the Hawkins Community Pool is located in South Bend Pool in Fulton County. Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs was crucial in season two as the location of Hopper’s cabin.

The Vampire Diaries

Transportation to Mystic Falls during your visit to Covington. Bite into a plate from the South at mystical grill, the restaurant inspired by the same one featured on the show. You can stay at Douze Chênes Bed and Breakfastas well as the Lockwood Mansion (spend the night at the carriage house, available on Airbnb for $575 a night). Find out more with Mystical Falls Tours to explore some of the additional locations featured on the show, such as Gilbert House and Mystic Falls Courthouse.

The Walking Dead

We all know the view from the Jackson Street Bridge which was featured in the first season of “The Walking Dead”. The Coweta County town of Senoia is another place that rose to prominence as the town of Woodbury and the neighborhood of Alexandria. Meanwhile in Atlanta, the Cobb Energy and Performing Arts Center served as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the show (even though the CDC is technically already in Atlanta, it could not be filmed there for security reasons). Bellwood career and the goat farm (both on the west side of Atlanta) are additional filming locations, and outside of Atlanta, the towns of Griffin and Hampton serve as locations for certain characters’ dark demises.


Avoid a zombie apocalypse at these ‘Zombieland’ filming locations in Georgia. Wild Adventures Water and Theme Park in Valdosta, as well as the former Netherworld location in Atlanta, was the site of Pacific Playland, while Chapman Drugs in Hapeville was in the opening scene of the film. Atlanta Motor Speedway also plays an important role in the recovery of several abandoned cars, while the cities of jackson and Newnan are also present in the film.

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