8 courses to visit in Prague

Prague is a city completed with picturesque Classes wait To to be discovered and visited. One strength to be looking at for tea while others strength correct want to To find a bit of peace and calm To Relax.

Others strength to be looking at for inspiration and creativity, or may be correct looking at for a a little of fun and Well the music. We to have find 9 places you can visit.

1.SmetanaQ Coffee & Bistro

Smetanovo nábřeží 334/4, Prague 1, MON SAT 8: 00–21: 00, SUN 9: 00-20: 00

This vsafe and bistro possesses a inside flooded with culture and art constantly mixed and mingle. SmetanaQ is completed with Magnificent alcoves looking at more than the Vltava or a can enjoy a handsome breakfast To start the daytime or to rejoin the Coffee in the evening for a Instagram worthy home made lemonade or a classic Aperol Spritz.


Tousarov 791/31, Prague 7, MON 12-22: 00, TUE SAT 9: 00–22: 00, SUN 9:00–22 : 00

Vnitroblock is a multipurpose space. He organizes the most different events for you, of exhibitions To Street food markets, and is surrounded on all sides by residential homes manufacturing he comfortable in the environment. You can find the the smallest Pikikino, Guys & Barbie Gallery, vinyl record shop, multimedia studio, old and limit selection sneakers of a shoe shop. Then to take a seat in the garden while enjoy a to taste of the Booze & Food food a truck.


Lublaňská 59, Prague 2, MON SUN 11: 00–22: 00 (summer Terrace)

Correct a little meters of IP Pavlova, you can find that modern Court, completed with Fairy lights, candles, and plants. Big in wood the tables surround this place, perfect To meet at the top with friends. In the evening you can enjoy a large range different cocktails To Choose of. BERLIN also offers the perfect place To to take your portable where to spend your day as a “digital nomad”.

4.Secret Garden Prague

Míšeňská ten, Prague 1, MON SUN 9: 00–19: 00

This quaint courtyard is filled with a secret garden that is sure to be Make you grave in love with the view of the River. the court to cut you outside with a passage of the busy streets outside. You can also tto taste a delicious afternoon Coffee cake while session in a ivy corner while admiring the hydrangeas Flowering and overwhelm your thoughts with the sound of the Fountain!

5.Tibet open lodge

Školská 28, Prague 1, Tue Fri 13: 00-20: 00, sat 11: 00–18: 00

Another handsome garden and court may to be find on Školská Street. the Linhart Foundation spear this initiative like a result of a long-standing interest in Far East culture. By fascinating conferences, exhibitions, and workshops, he strives To to provide the culture, philosophy, and beauty of the places closer To the general Public.

TO the Tibet open Housing, you may to participate in regular meditations, to study the bases of Tibetan, attend the music concerts, or to see documentaries and videos.

6.Super bum cafe

Opatovicka 18 (passage Spálená 15), Prague 1, MON FRI 8: 00-20: 00, SUN ten:00-17: 00

It is probably the best hidden cafe in the heart of Prague. If you look closely, you’ll find it in the courtyard of a building between Opatovická and Spálená streets. Walk through dark passages and then – suddenly – a courtyard opens up before you, resembling something from a post-modern movie.

The most striking feature is a pseudo-ancient arcade culminating in the upper floors with a terrace of false ancient columns. And just opposite is Super Tramp Coffee, under the terrace of another veranda which, for a change, sports imitations of Baroque columns.

7.Kino Aero

Biskupcova 31, Prague 3, MON FRI ten: 00–23: 45, SAT SUN 11: 30-23:45

Kino Aero is both a meeting point for locals who relax in the outdoor courtyard and indoor retro cafe, as well as for moviegoers who await the carefully selected films.

The outdoor courtyard is especially popular during the summer season, where you can relax on benches, meet interesting people and have delicious draft beer at reasonable prices. Inside is a recently rebuilt retro bar with drinks and snacks where you can spend your time before or after the movie and even meet filmmakers or other moviegoers. Most importantly, the films are mostly offered in English, which you might appreciate, especially with Czech films.

8.My coffee story

títného 8, Prague 3, MON FRI 8: 30-20: 00, sat 9: 00-15: 00

My VSoffe STory is a charming Coffee near the Husinecká tram station. You may to have a delicious breakfast and Relax outside in a handsome garden Between two families houses. You may also choose to have a Cup of Coffee in the shadow of the trees, courtesy of The Bohemia Coffee and Lucaffe.

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