800PIZZA collaborates with Kitopi – News

Published: Thu 19 May 2022, 15:41

Fifteen years after the launch of the first 800PIZZA restaurant in Dubai, the pizza brand’s business partners have announced that they have reached an agreement with multi-brand restaurant Kitopi to continue the growth phase of 800Pizza.

Alessandro D’Ubaldo, CEO and Founder of 800PIZZA, said: “It has been an incredible journey. We have run the business through thick and thin and have become extremely resilient over time. Our resilience has been tested with the Covid-19 epidemic. It was extremely difficult to adapt and function during the global pandemic, but we were blessed with an incredible performance throughout.

The Italian entrepreneur moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1999 as a cabin crew member of Emirates Airline, aged 24. In 2003, he ventured into the booming real estate market by launching Dubai Furnished Apartments, a short-term rental platform before the days of AirBnB. However, it was in 2007 that his entrepreneurial spirit led him to embark on the hotel business with the creation of 800PIZZA. D’Ubaldo’s hands-on approach and obsession with hard work were instrumental in the company’s rapid success during its formative years; his experience in the real estate sector has also been instrumental in the growth of 800PIZZA to identify the perfect catchment areas, strategic locations and efficient layout. In 2011, 800PIZZA partnered with the Dubai-based Belhasa Group, a major contributor to the growth of the UAE over the past fifty years. With subsidiaries in 30 sectors, including hospitality, Belhasa’s regional strength has helped the company expand, growing the 800PIZZA company to twelve stores across the UAE with local and international franchises.

The rapid success of 800PIZZA inspired D’Ubaldo to strengthen his business portfolio and create the PINSANITY and CLUKRS brands in 2020. This was PINSANITY’s recent expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a strategic partnership with Kitopi. With its recent Series C funding led by Softbank and its track record of helping brands grow and expand across borders, Kitopi is perfectly positioned to take 800PIZZA to the next phase of growth.

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