9 best places to book a summer trip

It’s no secret that in a near post-pandemic world, we all can’t wait to get out of the house. Listen, the couch – and the crisps and all the frenzied TV – has been great for us over the past amazing year, but it’s time to get out there and take some well-earned trips. You know, a bit of a change of scenery. But if you are like the 77 percent of Americans who are planning to go on vacation in the summer of 2021, then despite your best efforts, you too may have a little problem: everything, and we mean, all-is complete. So what’s a traveler to do?

We’re not just talking about Airbnb … because yes, Airbnb is beyond imaginable, but even the national parks are overcrowded. With so many people want to to travel, but only a limited number of places to travel and book, tourists all over the world are looking high and low for other options. Whether you are more of a jet set or a backpacker, here is what we found to book travel in the summer of 2021.

9 best places to book a summer trip


Vrbo’s homes, condos, apartments, cabins, and cabins feature full kitchens, pools, yards, and more.

Vrbo offers over 2 million vacation rentals, making it one of the top booking sites. With offers of just about anything you could be looking for – from pet-friendly locations, condos, beach houses, specific amenities and more – Vrbo has it all, from properties for large groups to smaller ones. rental spaces for couples or solo travelers. The best part about Vrbo by far – its affordable prices aside – are its various amenities options. Whether it’s a private pool and hot tub or a full kitchen with functional space and appliances, Vrbo makes it easy to find locations based on your needs.

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Sonder has reservations available in 35 markets around the world.

Sonder offers the ultimate luxury experience with all of the high-quality vibes of a hotel experience, but without the hassle. You can manage everything from the comfort of your phone, from the initial reservation to check-in, and you can choose from over 4,500 listings around the world. You’ll find Sonder listings in 35 cities around the world, including major hub cities like Montreal, London, and Amsterdam. Keep it in the United States? Our favorite top Sonder spots in the US right now are: a room at Duncan Plaza in the New Orleans business district (starting at $ 90 a night) and this Apartment in San Diego which fits six (starting at $ 199 per night).

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Plum Guide

Do you have high standards? Travel with Plum Guide! Three percent of its homes in each destination win the coveted Plum Award, the new global quality standard for rentals. If it’s listed on Plum Guide – and there are over 5,000,000 listings on that booking site – then you know it’s of the highest quality. Be sure to check out unreal destinations in the United States like Ojai, California; Charleston, South Carolina; The Hudson Valley in New York and more.

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Expedia has long had a reputation as a one-stop travel site where you can book anything and everything to make your dream vacation worthy. With car rentals, flights, and hotel options, Expedia is the closest thing you can to a travel agent because technology allows it. With over 2.9 million properties, 210,000 unique activities and over 500 airlines, cruise lines and car rental options, you can organize just about every aspect of your trip right on your computer or phone. !

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With more than 2,000,000 properties worldwide, Agoda offers all kinds of reservations, from traditional options (like hotels and houses) to private or even long-term stays. (If we had to make a specific recommendation, we would say buy one of its private villas ASAP, so luxurious and expensive, but without blowing the budget.) According to the website, some of its most popular locations in the States United are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas and Orlando, Florida. When it comes to overseas destinations, the most booked are Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

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Booking.com is more than hotels! Whether you’re looking for an apartment, resort, cottage, or private home, it’s all there, as long as you know what to look for. And believe us, there is a lot to look for. With over 774,874 apartments, 17,678 resorts, 387,467 villas, 30,584 chalets and 781,245 hotels, there’s no limit to booking your dream vacation. To top it off, Booking.com also has an exceptional community of like-minded travelers who can tune in about their upcoming trips, ask location-specific questions and, of course, share their top travel tips. travel.

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TurnKey is called “the smartest way to rent vacations”, thanks to the very high standards of the booking platform. Each rental is professionally cleaned regularly (as it should be) and has free Wi-Fi, easily accessible digital locks, and 24/7 customer support. Winner of the Travel Weekly Gold Magellan Award, TurnKey has accumulated over 40,000 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Oh, if TurnKey sounds very familiar to you, it’s probably because you watched Stay here on Netflix. As if you needed more reasons to book with them!

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From RVs to trailers, Outdoorsy is a trusted RV rental site.

If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-path travel experience or are still having trouble booking a hotel, the RV route is a great option. Outdoorsy involves travelers – uh, campers? – with the RV that meets their needs. Whether it’s a motorhome, trailer, Class A or Class C RV, simply find an RV rental by entering your travel dates and destination. For something a little more, you can check out the latest launch of Outdoorsy, Places of Collective Retreat, which feature luxury amenities like spa showers, covered decks, and soaking tubs. By reserving an exclusive location with Collective Retreats, guests also unlock access to other luxury amenities, public spaces, and guest programs, which, if you’re lucky, can include anything from farmhouse restaurants to the table with cocktail bars and live music.

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You will find luxury rental options at Onefinestay, from the Turks and Caicos Islands to Santorini, Greece.

Is camping not your style? No problem! Live the luxury life, at least while on vacation, by booking with Onefinestay. A sort of take-out or take-out booking platform that offers luxury rentals that one can only dream of – Turks and Caicos; Greece; Hawaii; Saint-Barth; Cannes, France; Ibiza, Spain and many more: Onefinestay offers ads that can only be described as chic. Guests are greeted in person upon arrival (because you should literally feel like a star when traveling with Onefinestay), and a concierge can help you book just about any amenity you can think of: a private chef, a driver, babysitting, restaurant, activities – you name it. Onefinestay might not be the cheapest booking site on this list, but it’s definitely the most glamorous.

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