9 photos you should always have on your phone

Your phone’s photo library is more than Instagram selfies and food photos.

It’s also difficult because most of us are clogged with enough screenshots, memes, and other junk. see Photos that require quick access. We’ve put together a quick guide to get rid of the confusion. Tap or click here for an easy-to-use tip for cleaning up your photos..

Here are a few shortcuts for keeping up with your most important photos, but there’s another easy way to find great photos taken on a beach in Hawaii three years ago, for example. Tap or click to see photo search tips everyone should know..

Your life is better organized with these images at your fingertips.

Unless you change this setting, the app will monitor you wherever you go

Your COVID vaccination record

It is useful to have it in case you need to present it to your health care provider, a restaurant, or a trip. It’s also safer than keeping it in a wallet which can crumble or go bankrupt.

Want your card to get lost in the sea of ​​photos? Follow the steps below.

If you are using an iPhone, open it To note Faucet camera Icon> Scan the document.. The smartphone camera opens. Take a photo of the card. When you are happy with the photo, tap the three dots in the corner and pin.. Like that, it is always facing the mountain.

Did you know that you also lock notes with your password? We recommend doing this for anything you don’t want others to get. Tap or click to password protect your notes.. (Scroll to number 6.)

It’s easy on Android. Open the Google Drive app and tap addition, after that to analyse..Take a photo and tap 3 dots to add Document followed..

This well-rated Android app, Private NotepadIs another smart way to protect your personal information.

Technology is expensive! How do you waste money and smart solutions to save

Driver’s license and other identity document

For most people, a driver’s license or state ID is the primary identification. It fits easily in your wallet or purse and should always be portable. However, you may not have it, like when you hike.

Therefore, it is recommended to save them on your mobile phone. Make sure to use the steps above to lock in with your password.

Your state may offer an application for your driver’s license or ID. Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming are one of the states that offer digital licensing options or pilot programs. Check the official state government website for more information on how to apply.

License plate, VIN number, automobile insurance certificate

Imagine that. When you’re shopping and you’re back where you know you parked, your car is gone. In the panic, you won’t remember details like license plate numbers. Instead of going through the paperwork on your way home, go outside now and take pictures.

This is the smart information you have Previous You need it. Don’t forget your auto insurance card. If you enter the Fender Vendor, you can grab a physical card from the glove box, but that’s not always possible.

Your medical and dental insurance card

True story: Several times a year my son would call me to send him a copy of his insurance card in order to avoid compulsory college health insurance premiums. I understand it’s painful to keep them, and you might not always have a physical copy of yourself.

When I told him to save the photo to filmstrip and make it a “favorite,” my son’s request stopped. Now he can go to his photo gallery. It’s faster than waiting for me.

Your phone is always with you, but not your wallet. I like that I don’t have to dig through a flimsy paper map for insurance information when filling out a form.

Make your health smarter: A free online tool that reveals if you’re paying too much for medical or hospital bills

Car rental before and after

If you are traveling to a city where a car is essential, you are renting. When you get to the car, the first step is to take a photo, before you even turn it on.

Remember that the car rental company will inspect the vehicle from top to bottom after it is returned. If you see any dirt, scratches, or bumps, you may need to pay for the repairs. You should always keep track of the condition of your car before driving a mile. I also take a picture of the odometer.

When you get to the parking lot, take a photo and unload the parking lot. Fortunately, digital photos contain metadata about the date and time the photo was taken. All the evidence you need is there if something happens.

Will you hit the road right away? Here are 5 smart travel tips to keep you safe.. Say with me: do not connect to public Wi-Fi.

Google knows what you type, see and say, unless you take those steps

Your Airbnb or other rental property

As with any rental car, you may be responsible for damage to Airbnb, VRBO, or other rental properties. Once you have the bag inside, take a photo in each room you rent. Damage such as large marks on the wall can be magnified for additional safeguard.

Please stand in front of the rental and take a selfie. When you take a photo with your smartphone, it will be geotagged. This means you can easily get directions by using the map app on your smartphone or by displaying your address in your Uber or Lyft driver.

You no longer need to consult the list of rental properties by email or application at each exit.

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