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A couple reconnects at the last 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? but almost all of them have communication problems.

Angela blames distance for herself and Michael’s problems, but just being together creates new problems for another couple, Tiffany and Ronald. New dad Jovi struggles to adjust to parenting life (and no longer lives in New Orleans), as Asuelu steps forward to prove he can handle the arrival of another child in the family. In fact, Elizabeth’s family reunion isn’t going too badly… unless you count the drama that goes on outside the room and at the after-party.

Read on to find out which relationships might be back on track and which are (even more) having problems.

Angèle and Michel

It’s been over two weeks since Angela and Michael broke up, and her attempt to work things out by turning to her psychic Tracey ends up sounding like every conversation the couple has been talking about lately: with her hanging up on her nose (and thinking that there is no hope for their romantic relationship). It comes after the cards suggest he views their marriage as a business transaction (maybe just a way for him to get to the States?) Or that she believes him. Tracey, at least, sees what everyone else is doing – they have a major communication problem.

For example, Michael says he needs space, but changes it later and says he wants his wife to listen to him and respect him. But since Tracey warned he could lose Angela forever, he’s been wary of really putting his foot down. During the couple’s next video call, he apologizes, admitting that her reaction to her operations was childish, and he had been hurt that she had not included him in the decision-making. However, as she reminds him, she needed to have surgeries for her health. As she also points out, he has yet to compliment her after losing 70 pounds. He does, but that’s not their only problem. He also has to step in and show that he means what he says and that he will be there for her – or she will have to file divorce papers.

Following her apologies, Angela and Michael reconnect sexually (as best they can on video), and she shows him her new body. While he says he’s “still okay” with her new breasts, the two admit to being disappointed. She needed his approval, as he hoped he could learn to like the changes. Maybe they can make it work, especially if his visa is approved because distance is the cause of a lot of their problems.


Yara and Jovi

Since Jovi missed Christmas, the family has been celebrating Ukrainian Christmas with his mother Gwen and cousins ​​Claire and Chris. The food isn’t that bad, Yara insists, but Chris wonders, “Why would you eat this? The conversation soon turns to Mylah sleeping in her parents’ bed, with Gwen wondering how they are spending “Mom and Dad time.” (Jovi agrees, Yara doesn’t.)

After Yara practically kicks everyone out at 6 a.m. because Mylah needs to go to sleep, Jovi is still annoyed the next day. Yara agrees to offer Mylah a cradle and they head to New Orleans (“where I wish we were still living,” Jovi notes). At the store, they argue over how much to spend, and later over Jovi’s offer to take a trip together and leave Mylah with her mother. They need some time alone, he insists, and she isn’t as fun as before. She thinks he has to accept their new role as parents.

Tiffany and Ronald

After their disastrous date (from which he walked away), Ronald and Tiffany slept in separate beds. He thinks she doesn’t appreciate everything he’s done, as she maintains that there have been only occasional good times (and a lot of fights) since she and the kids arrived. in South Africa. She had hoped that he would take care of everything she does on his own – and that she wouldn’t have to tell him what to do. He should know her well enough to find out for himself. And she refuses to live up to the tradition that a woman is inferior to a man, “not because I’m American, but because I have a brain,” Tiffany says. Ronald says he has to understand this.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 12 Ronald


He decides to show that he will support her and her family by… buying a truck from a used car dealership so that he can start his own business as a handyman. But as she reminds him, he may not be in South Africa any longer if his visa is approved and he comes to the United States. He will also have the business there, he said, plus it’s a backup plan. If his visa is denied, he will already have his business and can support his family if they move to South Africa. He thinks he’s going to start making money immediately to pay for the truck, but she thinks it’s irresponsible. That’s when she tells him that she went to see a divorce lawyer, to show him how serious the situation is.

Elisabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth’s family decides to leave the fight at Aunt Sue’s place to enjoy the family reunion and, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t last too long. Becky asks Elizabeth how her babysitter is doing – babysitter Andrei has no idea his wife has hired to help her a few days a week. As you might expect, they say, the Airbnb problem (it couldn’t park the motorhome on the street outside of the one it chose) arises, and Elizabeth’s sisters are join them. They eventually decide to talk about it another time, but Elizabeth thinks Becky was trying to stir the pot and drive Andrei crazy in front of her family.

Speaking of anger, when they head to Aunt Sue’s for an after party, Andrei, Becky’s husband Thomas, and Elizabeth’s father Chuck come upstairs to play foosball. Chuck tells Andrei that he bought a property that he wants to use to teach him how to return. They will work on it together and share the benefits. But when Thomas recounts the affair to the rest of the family, Elizabeth’s sister Jenn confronts her father. The other sisters also get involved, accusing Andrei of manipulating Chuck. Elizabeth defends her husband, Becky goes out and Chuck has had enough and leaves too.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 12 Elizabeth


Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani takes the afternoon and lets Asuelu take care of everything to try to prove that he can bear to have another child since he wants one and not her. He thinks it’s easy, but she needs to see consistency from him.

When they sit down with Kalani’s mother Lisa, he tells the two women that his mother has returned to Samoa but wants to come see them first. Kalani admits that she is “not thrilled” even though she wants him to see her mother. Then he shares that his sister Tammy, who really doesn’t get along with Kalani or her family, drives her (not just drop her off and go, as Lisa hopes). Asuelu hopes they can say it all, but given that Tammy threatened everyone in their last conversation (via video chat), Lisa is worried about ruining everything.

But there are still more to tell about this upcoming visit, namely Kalani’s sister, Kolini, and their father. He seems ready to give Tammy the benefit of the doubt that she will act differently in person. Kalani doesn’t quite see this ending, and we have a feeling she’s right.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 12 Kalani Asuelu


Nathalie and Mike

It’s been a week since Natalie had her nose surgery and she feels much better; she breathes better and can exercise. Mike took time off to help her recover, but they didn’t talk about her leaving on the day of the operation and not letting her know she was going to the hospital. He says she was disrespectful and selfish, as she maintains that she focused on keeping herself stress free (especially given the amount of fighting they suffered) before the operation. They don’t accomplish anything with their conversation, and she wonders if the work she’s put into their relationship is worth it.

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