A 16-year-old skateboarder has his eyes on the Paris Olympics in 2024

VISTA, California – Minna Stess skates at his own pace. It’s what helped make her the youngest female skateboarder to win an American Skateboarding Championship.

Now the 16-year-old is eyeing something bigger: the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

“(My goal) is to get to the Olympics,” Stess said, “and I kinda like wanting to film skating. Do a video game or something. Hopefully turn pro…but I want doing more skate trips and filming.

Although Stess can’t tell you exactly when she started skateboarding, she can easily tell where the sport has taken her in her young career.

“Brazil, China, Spain, Prague,” she said. “Lots of places and a ton of different stops in the US as well.”

Originally from Petaluma, she now trains in Vista, recently winning first place in the Women’s Park competition at the US National Skateboarding Championships last year.

“It’s mind-blowing in a way,” she said. “It’s cool for me to do all this. I have no words for it.”

She is currently representing the country at the X Games in China after serving as an alternate at the Olympic Games last summer in Tokyo.

Stess has major goals ahead of her, both personally and for the sport.

“It’s kind of crazy to think that I’m 16 and people are watching me for women’s skateboarding to evolve so much,” she said. “Because I always skate for me. I’m not trying to lead the way, but if I have to lead the way, I guess I will too.

To learn more about his journey, click on the video above.

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