‘A City of Birmingham’ – Troy Deeney delivers verdict on Aston Villa v Birmingham City rivalry

Troy Deeney admits that the recent success of Aston Villa has called into question the second city’s traditional status of being a ‘City of Birmingham’.

The Birmingham City forward accepts that Villa’s promotion and Jack Grealish’s rise to power have caught the imagination of young fans across the region.

Speaking on Alan Brazil’s breakfast, the 33-year-old was asked about the spread of Villa and Blues supporters in Birmingham – and he said talkSPORT : “It’s mixed, no matter where you go.

“What happened recently – and Blues fans won’t like it – but because of the success of Villa and obviously Jack Grealish people have grown up with him, I think the town is starting to have more in addition to Villa fans from a younger point of view.

“The challenge for us now is to make Birmingham more successful and bring it back to what it used to be, because it has been a city of Birmingham for the last 20 or 30 years.

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“Due to Villa’s success in the Prem, young kids don’t want to watch Crewe far away, do they? They want to watch Man United.

“It’s good, the city needs it, I think the city needs more rivalries and we are taking advantage of it. These guys across the road are having fun right now, but we’re coming back. “

Deeney, who is well known for being a Birmingham City fan, knows the relationship between the clubs well – and he also understood something he always suspected – the pressure of playing for the team you support, in the city ​​where you are. of.

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“The only thing you can’t explain is how the pressure is building up, playing for a big club in a big city is everywhere. I take the kids to school ‘Oh, what happened yesterday? Yeah, we were shit mate, sorry mate ‘.

“You go to the store and it’s’ Why haven’t you scored yet? Okay comrade. We were garbage, sorry for that ”.

“Either way, it just goes on and on. But when it’s good, it’s great.

“I really enjoy, at this point in my career, taking on a new challenge, really getting into something new – and a new obstacle because I was spoiled at Watford.

“I’ve been in the Premier League for five of the last six years and everything is perfect, you get the best hotels, you get the best of everything.

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“You go down a level and it’s back to real football and I’m just trying to figure it all out.

“We haven’t been great in the last two games, so just before the international break at home [to Nottingham Forest] it’s a good game to start.

“We lost 2-0 [at QPR on Tuesday] but that wasn’t our style or anything. Take nothing away from them, they were good – but we were poor.

“We’re going to go there, come back and make sure we put in a performance that is more like Birmingham City than it has been in the last two games.”

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