‘A couple took all the formula from the supermarket – so I took some from their trolley’

A new mum desperate to buy formula milk says she was appalled to see a couple empty the shelves of around 40 cans. So she decided to act

She was struggling to get formula for her newborn (Stock Photo)

A woman who gave birth to her first child last month struggled following the current shortage of infant formula in the United States and ended up having to remove some from another customer’s cart.

The 26-year-old mum claims she hasn’t been able to get any formula near her home and says her baby is taking a sensitive type of formula as she is not producing enough milk.

Exhausted and stressed, she had no choice but to drive two hours to another store to feed her son. When she discovered that her local store had some in stock, she was initially relieved and “immediately rushed.”

However, once there, she was dismayed to see another couple emptying the shelves of formula milk, tossing around 40 cans into their cart with no apparent thought for the other families.

Desperate, she approached them and asked if she could have just four cans from their huge stash. However, she didn’t get the kind of sympathetic response one would expect.

The couple completely cleaned out the shelves of formula milk and didn’t care that she had none left (Stock Photo)


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Speaking to Reddit, the desperate new mum recalled: “The husband scowled at me and they started pushing their cart away. I said excuse me and they couldn’t just take the whole formula. when I clearly needed it too.

“They said they got there first and they had twins to feed. So basically it wasn’t their problem. I was stressed and furious at this point so I cut in front of their cart and started to grab a few cans.

“I figured they didn’t pay anything, so why not. I wasn’t going to let my baby go hungry because they wanted to catch everything the formula.”

Unsurprisingly, the couple weren’t happy with this response at all, ‘screaming all sorts of things’ and telling her she was ‘selfish’ and an ‘a**hole’, however, she managed to walk away of them.

A supermarket manager told her she should have asked for help instead (Stock Photo)


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According to the poster, which goes by the username u/throwawayformula893, a store manager approached her at checkout and told her she should ask for help next time rather than grab the items herself.

He also reassured her that there was a limit to the number of cans a customer could buy and that the couple would have been prevented from buying that much formula anyway.

Although she feels ‘vindicated’ for acting the way she did, she can’t help but think she could have handled things a little differently and wonders if her behavior had been ‘totally okay’ .

However, many people think it was completely understandable that she acted the way she did, with the couple being the ones in the wrong.

As one person said, “It’s not every man for himself, it’s acknowledging that it happens to everyone. If everyone started hoarding formula, there would be newborn babies without food. to eat and malnourished or potentially dying.

“The poster was right to do what she did, she didn’t take it all, she took what she needed while the others were selfish.”

Another said: “I have a three month old. Luckily we only supplement with formula as I also breastfeed/pump. If you didn’t know the limit, in my opinion you are in the rights of your mama bear.

“Even twins don’t need forty cans at a time during a shortage. It’s inexcusable. If you had known, grabbing an employee would have been appropriate, but I see no problem with your actions.”

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