A Dead by Daylight dating sim is coming this summer

Behavior Interactive has shed light on what lies ahead for its massively popular horror franchise . One of the more surprising announcements is for a spin-off game that will take the horror series in a whole new direction – it’s a dating sim.

developer Psyop is working on the visual novel, which is called Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. Instead of desperately trying to avoid killers like The Trapper and The Spirit, you can flirt with them on Murderer’s Island. Don’t expect to encounter licensed characters like or .

Behavior tells the stories you will discover in Addicted to you won’t be canon, though they do offer a mix of humor, romance, and – since this is a JDB game after all – horror. The studio notes that many JDB fans have been asking for a dating sim set in this universe. They also won’t have to wait too long to play it. Addicted to you will be coming to Steam this summer.

A ton more JDB news emerged ahead of the game’s sixth anniversary, including details about the upcoming chapter, titled Roots of Dread. It includes a new map called Garden of Joy, which isn’t as euphoric as its name suggests.

The latest terrifying killer, The Dredge, is an amorphous mass of limbs who can teleport between lockers to surprise survivors. Roots of Dread also introduces a new survivor named Haddie Kaur. PC players can try out the Public Test Build (PTB) chapter today. It will arrive on all platforms on June 7.

Looking a little further, Behavior announced a few more upcoming crossovers, including an unexpected one with The attack of the Titans. The studio says fans have been asking for content based on the anime and manga. The first such partnership will soon introduce 10 The attack of the Titans-inspired outfits for JDB killers and survivors. Among them are an Eren Yeager skin for Dwight, a Hange-inspired look for Zarina, and an Armored Titan outfit for The Oni.

An outfit for Dead by Daylight’s slayer The Oni based on Attack on Titan’s Armored Titan

Besides, JDB plunges back into the world of Resident Evil with another chapter based on this classic franchise. Nemesis, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy and other characters from the series will join them later this year as part of the Resident Evil: Project W chapter.

Somewhere else, Dead by Daylight Mobile is receiving a major update which will include changes to leaderboards, social systems, control layout, and visual performance. Activities and reward systems are also being overhauled. The update recently debuted in Japan. It’s coming to the US in a closed beta in the coming weeks ahead of a wider rollout.

Some changes are also on the way for the base game on PC and console. Behavior indicates that it will soon rework about 40 Slayer and Survivor perks to freshen things up. A new system for getting people into games faster will reward those who queue for any role (Survivor or Killer) with fewer players.

Meanwhile, starting today on the PTB, players can try out a useful new preset feature. You can create custom loadouts with favorite perks and outfits for Slayers and Survivors. This might help speed things up before starting a match.

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