A full arcade in an Airbnb? Yeah, Amarillo has that

When it comes to booking an Airbnb, you usually want something cool that has something unique about it. The way it’s decorated, the age of the house, the architecture can all add to the experience. Basically, you want to get the most out of your money.

How about a full arcade? Yeah, Amarillo has an Airbnb with one inside.

A full arcade inside your Amarillo Airbnb

Sometimes you’re lucky and there’s a game console in an Airbnb. Usually you have to bring your own entertainment. Not to this one.

PLAYERS’ HAVEN is an Airbnb with a whole arcade inside.



This arcade offers a collection of classic and modern machines. Games of skill and video games fill the darkly lit room. According to the listthe collection of arcade games is constantly updated and the machines are exchanged.



The love for all things gaming doesn’t stop at the arcade

The rest of the house gets in on the action. The rooms have a decor inspired by the game. There is a fully fitted bathroom.



Even the living room is video game themed with a nod to the old NES and Super Mario Bros.

Is it expensive to stay at Gamer Haven?

Let me ask you back; Does Donkey Kong roll barrels?



It’s not cheap. It starts at $327 a night. Once you add the fees and taxes, it will cost you several coins. I recommend splitting the cost of this one among several friends.

Which is easy, because it can accommodate eight people. There are three bedrooms, but eight beds. They are lined up everywhere.

Check out the gallery below of GAMER HAVEN in Amarillo.

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