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Never have travelers had so many short-term accommodation options as they do today. Gone are the days when hotels / motels, bed and breakfasts and hostels were the only options on the market. Now, thanks to websites like Airbnb, travelers have the opportunity to rent short-term accommodation to ordinary people around the world who will rent their home or room at an affordable price.

Last weekend, while celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends in New Orleans, I stayed at an Airbnb. It was the perfect base for the four of us when we weren’t on Bourbon Street going crazy. And the best thing about this place is that it gave us the opportunity to experience the Bywater neighborhood, a part of town that I hadn’t seen on my previous trips to Nova Scotia. Orleans, because it usually doesn’t see a lot of tourists.

The house was clean, modern, and comfortable, and I think it could have been a model of what an Airbnb should offer guests. Honestly this set the mood for our trip and we were so glad we made this choice. I would highly recommend this accommodation option to anyone looking for affordable transportation, a place where a group of people can stay together, or for the traveler who wants to think outside the box.

While there are several things to expect from an Airbnb host (safety and security, clean towels and linens, and a space that has been carefully maintained), what many Airbnb customers forget is that there is also things that are expected of them.

A good Airbnb traveler will do some research before contacting a host. This research includes reading the host’s review to find out what to expect from the host, the house / room, the neighborhood, and maybe even the city. Many of your questions will likely be summarized in the information already provided by the host. You will also find any special requests that the host might have for you as a guest. And be sure to take the time to consult the calendar provided before inquiring about a specific date. I also suggest reading some of the negative reviews early on to determine if you really want to stay in this place before you even contact the host.

A good Airbnb traveler has a friendly and trustworthy Airbnb profile with accurate information, including a real photo. You want to create a good first impression from the moment the hosts are introduced to you virtually. Remember you want them to want you to stay at home. And then, when booking, introduce yourself and specify who will be staying with you (just say “a friend and her husband”) and maybe add why you are in town.

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