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Artist Annie hutchinson has fallen in love with Glasgow since moving there to live and work three years ago.


The West End is one of the city’s most glitzy neighborhoods, and the Finnieston neighborhood is full of great places to eat. Crabshakk for the ace of Scottish seafood (scallops with anchovy butter!); Lady’s mantle for Mediterranean dishes and good natural wines; Mother India for curries; the Ben Nevis Pub for the whiskey thereafter. If you like homemade fried food and ice cream in a wood-paneled room, the University Café on Byres Road has a magical combo of greatness and good dough.


Barrowland Ballroom. Photograph: Thornton Cohen / Alamy

If it’s the weekend, go to the iconic Barras market just east of downtown (search for artwork on The Glasgow Fresco Trail as you go) and buy literally anything. Such a magical and motley collection of things for sale. There is something special about this whole region, just a few minutes east of the scintillating Merchant city district. Solid and popular pubs rub shoulders with antique shops, high-end gin distilleries, German breweries (Where is on Glasgow Green) and radical bookstores (Calton Books). Come in the evening, watch a show at Barrowland Ballroom, guided by the glow of its famous neon sign. About a 10-minute walk away there is Glasgow Cathedral (dark and brooding exterior, peppermint roof, interior like a jewelry box), and the Necropolis, a macabre grandiose Victorian cemetery. Wind your way through the huge marble tombs to the view from the top, with old and modern pieces of the city all mixed up.


Errols Hot Pizza Hennie Haworth illustration for Locals Guide to Glasgow
Illustration: Hennie Haworth

Sometimes referred to as Glasgow’s Ellis Island, Govanhill’s square mile of narrow streets is the city’s most diverse neighborhood, and perhaps the most distinctive. “Sweets, restaurants, sunflower seeds are blooming all over the sidewalk,” writes local blogger Peter Mohan, in See you soon, Govanhill, a brilliant and semi-fictional blog located in this “cosmopolitan and infinitely fascinating district”. What you eat will depend on the weather. If the weather is nice, get some samosas Glasgow Sweet Center Where Delicious corner bakery, or a roll of paratha Pakistani street food, and eat them on the grass of Queen’s Park Flagpole Hill. If it’s dreich, grab brunch at a cozy cafe Milk, or take a stroll through the park to Shawlands for a delicious Malaysian brunch at Julie’s Kopitiam. If you get the Golden Grail of the Evening Sun, buy the world’s most delicious pizza at Hot Errol Pizza. After sunset, there are pubs: the Allison Weapons for a scorching window atmosphere, joker McNeill’s for good (and value for money) pints of Guinness and live music, or the Bell for more trendy pints.

Green area

Kelvingrove Park - Glasgow, Scotland
Kelvingrove Park. Photograph: coleong / Getty Images

Pollok Country Park, in the southern part, is home to upland cows, beautiful walled gardens and magnificent green expanse. But closer to town, the Kelvin Gateway follows the Kelvin River along a narrow tree-covered track, passing under mysterious bridges, with plenty of places to swim or splash around. Start and end in Kelvingrove Park, which is also stunning, with its sparkling hills, ornate fountains and views of the charred sandstone turret of the University of Glasgow. Nearby is Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, known for the paintings of Scottish colorists.

Night life

Settle for the long term in the Laurieston pub, just south of the city center. Drink delicious pints in a charming setting of 1960s capsules, among hip young guys and sparkling-eyed devotees. If you still have dancing in your bones, the famous Sub club is an eight minute walk away. If you’d rather watch rather than dance, try the Britannia Panopticon, the oldest music hall in the United Kingdom. These are low heels, but they are such beautiful heels. Its brilliant monthly drag show, the Drag-opticon, is rebooting, and there are plenty more on its website.

To stay

For the full Glasgow experience, stay in a refurbished building via Airbnb Where Vrbo, from £ 100 per night, for four people.

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