A man places a 25ft replica of the Blackpool tower in the garden and you can rent the property

A Lancashire man is making waves after installing a 25ft replica of the Blackpool Tower in his garden.

Now he’s giving the public the chance to rent his property on Airbnb and wake up every morning to a view of ‘Blackpool Tower’, despite being eight miles from the original.

Douglas Smith installed the 25ft tower replica in his garden in Hambleton around eight years ago.

The replica of Blackpool Tower in Hambleton

The detailed replica was built in the 1940s and later used by Blackpool Tourism as a display piece.

Douglas bought it for £3,000 to “own a piece of Blackpool history”.

Douglas, 63, said: “I had to do an awful lot of work on it because the metal work was damaged on it – but we brought it back to life.

Lancashire Telegraph: The replica of Blackpool Tower in Hambleton lights upThe replica of Blackpool Tower in Hambleton lights up

“I’m a huge Blackpool fan and have spent most of my working life there – I wanted to too because not everyone has a 25ft tower in Blackpool.

“It’s also such a good replica of it and it’s really detailed.”

Douglas said neighbors love this quirky addition – even though it lights up at night.

He said: “The neighbors love it, especially the kids.

“We took it down for eight months last year and everyone was asking where it was.

“We light it on special occasions, such as the Queen’s Jubilee and various anniversaries; we had it blue for Ukraine for a while.

“The Blackpool tower was highly praised when it was first built and they wished me all the best.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Douglas SmithDouglas Smith

The tower is a few meters from the Douglas shelter’s own pub, O’Smither’s, which has twice been named shelter of the year.

The Irish and rugby-themed pub also contains historic Blackpool memorabilia, including a ‘blob machine’ from the former Yates Wine Lodge on Talbot Road.

This machine brews drinks similar to hot toddies, traditionally using Yates’ Australian liquor Wine and brandy, sugar, lemon and hot water.

If you fancy seeing the impressive structure for yourself, you can rent an adjoining annex on Airbnb for £80 a night.

Annex with view of the Airbnb tower is a spacious and modern independent annex with its own private entrance connected to the family home.

It can accommodate up to four people and has its own kitchen and terrace.

Douglas said: ‘I’m renting the annex to the side of the house which I just listed on Airbnb.

“Here you can wake up every morning with the view of Blackpool Tower.”

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