A must-do off-grid camping retreat in New Hampshire

When looking for a place to camp, choosing a regular campground is easy. To be honest, that’s what I do most of the time.

Why? Well, that’s the most obvious choice. They are easy to book and reach, and sort of the norm.

Well, I recently went camping at Toad Hill in Chatham, New Hampshire and it was an amazing camping experience that you absolutely have to try.

It was a different experience for me and my wife.

We usually pitch our own tent because everything else is a bit like glamping to us. Nonetheless, Toad Hill was secluded, beautiful, quiet, and worth every second of the mile-long dirty, rough road to land with no cell service.

Check out some of the photos of the treehouse canvas tent.

Justin F is the host and partial owner, along with his brother, of Toad Hill. I will start by saying that Justin is very responsive. He offered his phone number, firewood, directions, and help beyond the descriptive Airbnb instructions/hip camp booking websites.

Now, Toad Hill is a large piece of land on the New Hampshire and Maine border, and about 30 minutes from downtown North Conway.

On the property you can rent different ways to stay. There’s a vintage hippie bus, a retro trailer, a yurt, a treehouse canvas tent, a mini ambulance, and a teepee tent.

Below are photos of all the stay options.

Justin wants customers to expect “an off-the-grid experience…it’s kind of like camping,” he said. And it’s.

That said, this is not a campsite. It really is a secluded area in the woods of New Hampshire. Each structure is designed by Justin to accommodate 2-4 people, and they are really creative.

One of my favorite features of this hidden gem is that it feels safe, with other structures and people in the same area as you; however, it doesn’t feel too crowded like a campground, cabin, or village.

Each space is secluded, private and beautiful.

With a lot more land available to rent and build more structures, Justin has no plans to expand and build more. “I want to make sure Toad Hill stays spacious, so people feel isolated…I don’t want to become a campground,” the host said.

“I imagined it as a retreat-type center,” he said. “A place that is not crowded.”

See below for all camping or glamping options at Toad Hill.

Toad Hill Camping Experience

Below are all of the Toad Hill Isolation Stay options in Chatham, NH.

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