A real Winnie The Pooh Airbnb has been built and you can actually stay there

Our bellies are rumbling and we are ready to see what old Eeyore has been up to this summer. So we have to share the news that a Winnie the Pooh inspired Airbnb has appeared in the Hundred Acre Wood, and a lucky few will have the opportunity to stay there. It sounds like a dream, but we assure you it’s real life.

Photo via Airbnb

The opportunity comes from a collaboration between Disney and Airbnb. It turns out that one of Disney’s longtime illustrators set out to create an authentic, real-life recreation of Pooh’s house, based on EH Shepard’s original designs.

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Photo via Airbnb

We’re not kidding about the frame either. This Winnie the Pooh Airbnb is located in Ashdown Forest, which served as the original inspiration for the Hundred Acre Wood. They even placed it near the Poohsticks Bridge, which is home to the iconic game. Need a little refreshment? Don’t worry, a guided tour is included in the reservation.

Photo via Airbnb

As for the Airbnb itself, no detail has been spared. Seemingly set in a giant tree, the house includes custom wallpaper, rustic furniture, and of course, “hunny” pots galore. These aren’t for the show either, as you’ll be treated to a few ethically sourced honey-based meals during your stay.

winnie the pooh airbnb
Photo via Airbnb

Now is the time for the capture. Unfortunately, this unique Airbnb experience is only open to residents of the UK. So, maybe send this link to any friend / family you might have living there as this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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